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Stop shaming this bride and her Chicken Officiant, ok?

Published Friday, Sep. 23rd, 2022

Image via Yahoo! Lifestyle, Source: Facebook (Hearts have been added )

Two creative newlyweds are being bashed on social media for asking their wedding officiant to wear a chicken costume… and it needs to stop. 



Ok, yes. Sure. It is a little unusual to ask your wedding officiant to dress up as a large yellow chicken for your ceremony. (We’ll give you that.)


But we’re a little confused (and disappointed, tbh) about the backlash this beautiful bride and laid-back groom are receiving for their unorthodox and maverick wedding choices. 


Image of a bride and groom celebrating a casual wedding ceremony outdoors in a field, in the company of a bridesmaid and an officiant dressed in a very large inflatable chicken costume. Their faces have been covered by black circles to obscure their identities

Honestly? The matching yellow bridesmaid's dress is stunning, and it's pulling this whole thing together in a big way. (Photo via Yahoo! Lifestyle, Source: Facebook)



In case you haven’t heard the story yet, a pair of anonymous newlyweds faced heavy criticism when photos of their unusual wedding day choices were shared to social media. (The post seems to have since been taken down.) 


According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, naysayers quickly pointed out everything ‘wrong’ about the ceremony: the groom wore a bold button-up that clashed with the bride’s white dress; the bride’s escort wore a tie-dye tee; the wedding was held in an unadorned field; and, of course, the wedding officiant showed up dressed as a yellow chicken.


The Chicken Officiant, it seems, was just too weird for some people to handle. 



The groom, wearing a button up shirt in a bold print, stands close to the wedding officiant who is wearing a large yellow chicken costume

We're loving this quiet moment between the groom and officiant. And check out that spectacular waterfront view! (Photo via Yahoo! Lifestyle, Source: Facebook)




Within hours of being shared in a Facebook group, the post was overrun with disparaging comments.


“I hate everything I’m seeing here. Imagine your grandkids opening the wedding album in 60 years and seeing this,” one commenter wrote. “It’s just a mockery. You couldn’t help but look at this spectacle and think their relationship is anything but a joke,” wrote another. Even the caption took a hard stance against the couple, reading “Quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever seen.” (quotes via Yahoo! Lifestyle)


But what’s the big deal, really? 


While they might mean well (we’re being generous here), these critics are missing the point. We’re in the midst of a new wedding era – one where couples can, and should, celebrate their marriage any way they want to. And that includes Chicken Officiants.


Today’s couples are embracing alternative elopements and non traditional weddings, and planning ceremonies that speak to their individuality and values. 


They’re exchanging wedding swords in place of wedding rings, adding sandwich-making unity ceremonies, planning cheese themed weddings, asking friends and relatives to officiate, and holding fully costumed Game of Thrones fan weddings. And some couples aren’t even having weddings at all, choosing a lowkey ‘sign and go ceremony’ instead. 


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Couples are getting creative, unapologetic, and authentic when it comes time to take their vows. And they’re asking officiants to dress up to join in the fun. In fact, we’ve seen officiants dressed as Obi Wan, Captain Picard, Friar Tuck from Robin Hood, and even an extra-ordinary Martian


We’re here for it! Life, and weddings, would be pretty boring without a little weirdness.


So let’s stop shaming this couple and their Chicken Officiant for doing things differently, and celebrate them instead! 



Get the full scoop in Rachel Choy’s article for Yahoo! Lifestyle Australia




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Close up of the Chicken Officiant, showing a yellow inflatable chicken head against a blue sky

Cropped; Source: Facebook



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