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Get your wedding officiant training started by learning the basics of wedding ceremonies. We've seen thousands of ceremonies by now, and AMM has integrated what we've learned from all these weddings into a concise outline to get you informed and ready to start building your own.

A lot of folks who start down this path haven't really given much thought to what their role is, but at its core, your role is to understand the wedding ceremony outline for officiant, and to turn that information into a powerful experience. As they say, knowledge is power, so let's get you ready.

In this section we cover: what is the officiant's role in the wedding ceremony? What are the parts of a wedding ceremony called? Is there a legal form to a wedding? We cover all these questions and more.

Officiant Training Basics


Get guidance on how to write, edit, personalize, reshearse, and polish your own wedding ceremony script. Every wedding ceremony will be different, and the impact that it has on guests will depend on how well it is written.

We understand that not all of us are professional writers, but writing a ceremony doesn't require you to be a modern day Shakespeare. Instead, writing a great ceremony is about doing your homework and applying our tried and true formula.

Once you've got that script up and running, we're going to show you how to master public speaking and presentation. Public speaking isn't everyone's cup of tea, but the truth is, most of us are perfectly capable of it with the right tips and practice. Our guidance here will show you how familiarizing yourself with the content and flow of the ceremony can give you confidence and poise when the big day comes.

Proper preparation is essential for wedding ceremonies and the effort that you put in before the big day will pay off!

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Here's where your wedding officiant training gets exciting! The wedding officiant's role is more than leading the ceremony and signing the marriage documents. The wedding officiant embodies the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony, they enact the legal and social aspects of the day, and they are front-and-center as the couple promise themselves to each other in marriage.

In this section, we're going to show you how even the best planned ceremony can go off the rails, and why you as the officiant will be the one to correct the course. Your confidence and practice will enable you to handle an unexpected case of the nerves (either yours or the couple's) or a flubbed word. That's because you will go into the big day with a clear understanding of what your role is, what and how you will accomplish your task, and a sense of purpose and momentum that can override unexpected occurrences.

We've got your back, we know you're an awesome officiant, so let's get those final details in place and get ready to rock!

A woman holding up a sign to a couple that says Keep it legal


The marriage license is an important legal document that makes the wedding official. The officiant is responsible for completing the marriage license on the wedding day. Completing the marriage license is the officiant's one legal duty.

On the other hand, most couples have never gone through the marriage license process (and if they have, it's probably a hazy memory). Obtaining the license is the couple's job, and if they don't apply in the correct time frame and have it with them on the big day, the wedding won't be legally binding, and you can't officiate a wedding ceremony.

That's why this section is so important, because as the wedding officiant, couples will be looking to you for guidance.

Continue reading for a comprehensive understanding of the marriage license and how it relates to the officiant and the couple. Find out what your responsibilities are, who issues this document, and where to return it after the wedding.



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