Wedding Officiant Training

These pages cover everything a wedding officiant needs to know about officiating wedding ceremonies. Learn about the ceremony parts, how to write a ceremony script, how to fill out the marriage license, and more.


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All About the Wedding Ceremony

If you're just getting started, this is a great place to learn about the basic wedding ceremony template, the parts of a wedding ceremony, and how wedding ceremonies are traditionally structured.

A Wedding Ceremony Template

The template wedding script below focuses on the names of the parts of the ceremony. Speaking stage directions are included to clarify when the officiant is addressing the couple versus the wedding reception.

Including Vows In The Wedding Ceremony

Vows are, without a doubt, the most moving part of any wedding ceremony. They are a truly special opportunity for your couple to express their love for one another before their family and friends.

Weddings By State

Learn About Officiant Registration Requirements All Across The USA.

How To Prepare for the Wedding Ceremony

Get guidance on how to write, edit, personalize, reshearse, and polish your own wedding ceremony script. Proper preparation is essential for wedding ceremonies and the effort that you put in before the big day will pay off!

Tips for Personalizing a Wedding Ceremony

One effective strategy is to start is with the couple, and then work backwards towards the ceremony. That way, you've established the feel and tone before you start putting it together.

Co-Officiating a Wedding Ceremony

Every couple has the freedom to conduct their wedding however they like, and that extends to the number of ministers. However, only one person can be recognized legally as the couple's officiant: the person who signs their marriage license.

How To Maintain Communication with Your Couple

If you've got a ceremony coming up, it's time to start planning! The first thing you need to do is schedule a couple important meetings with your couple: an initial check-in and a follow-up as the wedding approaches.

How to Include Family and Friends in the Wedding Ceremony

When creating a wedding ceremony, many couples want to know how to get their family, friends, or in some cases, all of their guests involved. We love it when they do!

Weddings By State

Learn About Officiant Registration Requirements All Across The USA.

Wedding Ceremony Scripts

Check out our free wedding ceremony scripts. Whether you are looking for a religious or non-religious ceremony, we have you covered.

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The Day of The Ceremony

How to lead the ceremony with conviction and confidence

The wedding officiant's role is more than leading the ceremony and signing the marriage documents. The wedding officiant embodies the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony, they enact the legal and social aspects of the day, and they are front-and-center as the couple promise themselves to each other in marriage.

Calming a Nervous Bride or Groom during the ceremony

We recently worked with a couple who expressed upfront: they expected to be very nervous at their ceremony, and asked what the Minister could do to help them calm down. It's an uncommon question, but only because many brides and grooms are usually afraid to ask. Weddings are emotional and there will be plenty of nervousness to go around.

Handling a ceremony mistake in the moment

It happens to the best of us… sooner or later, if you officiate enough wedding ceremonies, you're gonna make a goof. It may be a missed word, an incorrect pronunciation, losing your place in the ceremony; maybe even an outside distraction that's not your fault! Don't worry and don't dwell on the past - it's not the goof that matters, it's how you handle it.

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All About The Marriage License

The marriage license is an important legal document that makes the wedding official. The officiant is responsible for completing the marriage license on the wedding day. Completing the marriage license is the officiant's one legal duty. Review the pages linked to below for a comprehensive understanding of the marriage license and how it relates to the officiant and the couple. Find out what your responsibilities are, and find out who issues this document, and where to file it after the wedding.

Marriage License Waiting Period, Expiration, and Return

Every state has different laws governing when the marriage license is issued, can be completed, and must be returned. There are three types of laws that define these parameters, they are the marriage license Waiting Period, Return Deadline, and Expiration.

Marriage License Info by State

This table covers what office issues the marriage license, the marriage license cost, and more. Marriage License Fees are subject to change. The numbers listed in this table may not reflect the actual cost of the marriage license and are meant to represent their approximate cost.

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Officiant Training PDF Downloads

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Officiant Checklist PDF

Manage your ceremony planning to-do's all in one place with our downloadable PDF checklist. Available exclusively to AMM ministers, this free checklist takes the guesswork out of officiating a wedding, and will make sure you have everything in place when the big day comes.

Cosplay Wedding Guides

The following pages are educational resources for couples that are interested in having theme weddings based on popular movies, books, and TV shows.

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