Wedding Ceremony Basics

Get started learning the basics of wedding ceremonies. What is the officiant's role in the wedding ceremony? What are the parts of a wedding ceremony called? Is there a legal form to a wedding? We cover all these questions and more.

A Wedding Ceremony Template

The template wedding script below focuses on the names of the parts of the ceremony. Speaking stage directions are included to clarify when the officiant is addressing the couple versus the wedding reception.

Including Vows In The Wedding Ceremony

Vows are, without a doubt, the most moving part of any wedding ceremony. They are a truly special opportunity for your couple to express their love for one another before their family and friends.


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Who Will Officiate Your Wedding?

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Professional Wedding Officiant Certification Course

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Sample Wedding Ceremony Scripts

Need inspiration? Check out our free ceremony scripts!

Wedding Ceremony Quiz

Test Your Knowledge of Your Officiant Duties.


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