Comprehensive Wedding Officiant Training: Learn The Basics

Get started learning the basics of wedding ceremonies. What is the officiant's role in the wedding ceremony? What are the parts of a wedding ceremony called? Is there a legal form to a wedding? What are some important wedding formalities? We cover all these questions and more.

Here at AMM, we believe that the best wedding officiant training starts by locking in simple concepts, and builds on those basics in a way that is easy to remember and act on when you are standing in front of the guests on the big day.

After you read the first section, First Time Officiant Orientation, you will know everything you need to know about the purpose and function of a wedding ceremony. This part of your wedding officiant training will give you the confidence to move forward on your own officiant path.

A Wedding Ceremony Template

The template wedding script below focuses on the names and functions of each part of the wedding ceremony. Speaking cues, and stage directions are included to clarify when the officiant is addressing the couple versus when he or she is talking to the wedding guests. The basic ceremony includes wedding formalities like procession, invocation, and declaration of intent.

Including Vows In The Wedding Ceremony

Vows are, without a doubt, the most moving part of any wedding ceremony. They are a truly special opportunity for your couple to express their love for one another before their family and friends. While most couples will want to write their own vows, the officiant should help them find their voice, and a way to express their feelings in a way that they feel comfortable. The wedding officiant training provided in this section will teach you about the most common ways you and the couple can incorporate meaningful vows into the ceremony.


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Signature Wedding Officiant Package

Signature Wedding Officiant Package

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The Book of Wedding Vows and Ceremonies

The Book of Wedding Vows and Ceremonies

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Wedding Officiant Training

Wedding Officiant Training

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Read our sample wedding ceremony scripts online

Sample Wedding Ceremony Scripts

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Wedding Ceremony Quiz

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