Published: Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, 2021

New script! A Simple Buddhist Wedding Ceremony Script

Create an intimate wedding ceremony that radiates love, harmony, compassion, and joy. 


We’ve added a new sample script to our library! Click here:
A Simple Buddhist Wedding Ceremony



This modern Buddhist wedding script is centered around the central Buddhist values of love, harmonious living, compassion, wisdom, kindness, patience, community -- all the ingredients of a happy and lasting marriage. 


It includes shared ‘we do’ wedding vows, inspired by the Sigalovada Sutta, to create a feeling of intimacy and harmony. 


A special invocation acknowledges the importance of those close friends and family joining you on the wedding day, and the ways those relationships support you in marriage and in the joyful future ahead.


And because Buddhist weddings are a mix of old and new traditions, are secular and non religious, and don’t have any strict ways of doing things, this script can be easily modified to suit you and your unique relationship and love story. 


This makes it a perfect choice for blended families, second marriages, interfaith marriages, and many others!


Use this script ‘as is,’ add additional readings, or mix and match your favorite sections with other scripts in our Wedding Ceremony Script Library. 





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We know that writing a ceremony from scratch can be a daunting process, especially if you’re officiating on short notice.


To make things easier, we keep our Sample Script Library well stocked with wedding ceremony templates and sample scripts for you to choose from. These scripts are a great starting point, with sections to add to, leave out, or reorganize, as you personalize a ceremony. 


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