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33 "New Script Alert" Category Articles

40 DAYS AGO | 8.14.2023

New Script! Sweet & Spooky Horror Movie Themed Wedding Ceremony

There's a new horror movie theme wedding ceremony script in the library! This original officiant script is the right mix of spooky, sweet, and humorous, and ...

73 DAYS AGO | 7.12.2023

Wedding Ceremony Script PDFs for Officiants: Download, Print, and Perform!

Looking for the perfect wedding officiant script? AMM now offers a simple PDF download option for popular wedding scripts and templates in our Ceremony Scrip...

74 DAYS AGO | 7.11.2023

New Script! Pantheist Wedding Ceremony with Reading from Carl Sagan

New wedding officiant script! This marriage ceremony is inspired by Pantheist beliefs in the divine beauty of the universe, the sacredness of nature, and the...

94 DAYS AGO | 6.21.2023

New Script! Inclusive Catholic Wedding Script for LGBTQ+ Couples

New wedding script! This original wedding ceremony script is written for Catholic same-sex & LGBTQ+ couples who wish to marry in a ceremony that blends moder...

187 DAYS AGO | 3.20.2023

A Simple Wedding Script to Use When a Parent Officiates Your Ceremony

There's a new script in our library! This ‘Parent Officiating’ wedding script is the perfect fit for when a couple asks a mother, father, grandparent, or men...

193 DAYS AGO | 3.14.2023

New Script! A Wedding Ceremony with Two Officiants

Have a wedding ceremony with two officiants with this new wedding script from the AMM Ceremony Script Library! This original officiant script includes a swee...

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More New Script Alert Articles

201 DAYS AGO | 3.6.2023

This Pirate Themed Wedding Ceremony Script Will Have You Saying ‘Aye!’ to Love

Ahoy, mateys! This unique pirate wedding script is fun from bow to stern, and from the officiant’s welcome speech to the pronouncement and first kiss. Filled...

255 DAYS AGO | 1.11.2023

New wedding script! Unity Puzzle Wedding Ceremony Script

This unique wedding ceremony includes a unity puzzle ceremony, with the perfect wording for your wedding officiant to say to capture the sweet symbolize and ...

263 DAYS AGO | 1.3.2023

New Script! Marriage of Equals Wedding Ceremony for Non-traditional Couples

There’s a new original wedding ceremony script in the AMM library! This officiant script celebrates free-spirited and non-traditional love, equality, indepen...

277 DAYS AGO | 12.20.2022

New Script! 'Opposites Attract' Theme Wedding Ceremony Script

We've added a fun new officiant script to AMM's free wedding ceremony scripts library! This script celebrates when 'opposites attract' in love and marriage, ...

292 DAYS AGO | 12.5.2022

New Script! New Year’s Eve Wedding Ceremony with Wine Box & Love Letters

A fun New Year’s Eve Wedding Ceremony Script with a wine box unity ceremony, love letters, sweet resolutions for your marriage, a special seasonal reading of...

330 DAYS AGO | 10.28.2022

¡Nuevo Guión! Un Divertido Guión de Ceremonia de Boda con un Sencillo Ritual ...

¡Hemos agregado un nuevo guión a la biblioteca! Este guión de boda chistoso incorpora historias y recuerdos personales en oraciones, votos matrimoniales clás...

372 DAYS AGO | 9.16.2022

New Script! Fall Wedding Ceremony with Reading from “Harvest Moon”

This new fall wedding ceremony script captures the colors, romance, and joyful spirit of the autumn season, with a warm welcome to guests, moment of mindfuln...

387 DAYS AGO | 9.1.2022

New script! Buddhist Wedding Ceremony with Mindfulness Meditation for Guests

New wedding script! This Buddhist wedding ceremony script includes a warm welcome, mindfulness meditation script that invites guests to breathe deeply, and r...

395 DAYS AGO | 8.24.2022

New Script! Jumping the Broom Wedding Ritual & Ceremony Script

This original wedding ceremony script the popular African American wedding tradition of ‘jumping the broom’, a traditional exchange of wedding vows and rings...


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