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474 DAYS AGO | 8.24.2022

New Script! Jumping the Broom Wedding Ritual & Ceremony Script

This original wedding ceremony script the popular African American wedding tradition of ‘jumping the broom’, a traditional exchange of wedding vows and rings...

488 DAYS AGO | 8.10.2022

2 Catholic Wedding Ceremony Scripts: Traditional & Modern Approaches

New scripts! These 2 Catholic wedding ceremony scripts offer a traditional and modern approach, for couples planning to celebrate a wedding with family and f...

502 DAYS AGO | 7.27.2022

New Script! A Forest Themed Elopement Ceremony with Ring Warming Unity Ritual

New forest theme wedding script! Ideal for nature lovers who plan to marry in an outdoor elopement or wedding ceremony, in a forest or woodland setting, in a...

510 DAYS AGO | 7.19.2022

New Script! A Vikings Themed Wedding Ceremony Script

This original Viking wedding ceremony script includes light Pagan wedding elements, an exchange of wedding bands / rings and vows (with optional sword exchan...

522 DAYS AGO | 7.7.2022

New script! Christian Wedding Ceremony with Marriage Prayer & Recognition of ...

New wedding script! A sweet nondenominational Christian wedding ceremony outline with a Bible reading from Corinthians, a moving invocation on the power of ...

529 DAYS AGO | 6.30.2022

New script! A Traditional Baptist Wedding Ceremony

New wedding script! A traditional Baptist wedding ceremony outline with Bible readings from John and Genesis, a moving invocation on the covenant of marriage...

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More New Script Alert Articles

574 DAYS AGO | 5.16.2022

New script! Bilingual English-Spanish Wedding Ceremony with Written Vows

We’ve added a sweet bilingual wedding ceremony script in Spanish and English to our script library! It contains a heartfelt invocation, written vows, a passa...

663 DAYS AGO | 2.16.2022

New Script Alert! A Taoist Wedding Ceremony

A simple and heartfelt script for your Taoist wedding ceremony, with a reading from Chuang Tzu (Zhuang Zhou), an elemental unity ceremony, ‘we do’ joint wedd...

678 DAYS AGO | 2.1.2022

New script! Princess Bride Wedding Ceremony Script

We added a new script to our library! This funny wedding ceremony script is based on the memorable movie The Princess Bride, celebrating twue wuv, and all th...

685 DAYS AGO | 1.25.2022

New Script! A Wedding Ceremony Script for Older Couples

A simple wedding ceremony script for an older couple getting married later in life. Perfect for non traditional couples, and first, second, or third marriage...

710 DAYS AGO | 12.31.2021

New Script! Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony Script with Unity Sand Ceremony

A sweet same-sex wedding ceremony script that captures the warmth and love of chosen family and friends and a supportive community. “We do” wedding vows high...

713 DAYS AGO | 12.28.2021

New script! A Romantic Wedding Ceremony with Written Vows

A simple, romantic wedding ceremony script for couples who felt a spark from the start and are ready to build a lifetime of love together. With a heartfelt i...

721 DAYS AGO | 12.20.2021

New Script! An Elvis Themed Wedding Ceremony Script

A fun Elvis inspired wedding ceremony script, jam-packed with The King of Rock n Roll’s most popular love song lyrics. Perfect for the non traditional bride ...

727 DAYS AGO | 12.14.2021

New Script! A Funny Wedding Ceremony Script with Simple Unity Ritual

We added a new script to our library! This funny wedding ceremony script incorporates personal stories and memories in the invocation, classic heartfelt wedd...

769 DAYS AGO | 11.2.2021

New script! A Simple Buddhist Wedding Ceremony Script

New wedding script! A short, simple Buddhist wedding ceremony script for modern couples that’s easy to personalize. With shared ‘we do’ wedding vows inspired...


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