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A gavel and two gold wedding rings sit on a table next to someone filling out marriage paperwork. Symbolizing a change in marriage laws.

8 DAYS AGO | 7.12.2024

New Hampshire Child Marriage Ban in Effect in 2025

The New Hampshire child marriage law is in effect on Jan 1, 2025. What to know if you’re a wedding officiant or applying for a NH marriage license!

Two grooms hug outdoors on the wedding day in Virginia

19 DAYS AGO | 7.1.2024

New Virginia Marriage Equality Law Goes Into Effect Today

New Virginia marriage law protects same-sex, LGBTQ+, and interracial couples. See how the change impacts AMM Ministers and wedding officiants in Virginia.

Two grooms embrace and smile at each other on the wedding day

22 DAYS AGO | 6.28.2024

Virginia’s Child Marriage Ban in Effect Soon, Plus Protections for Marriage R...

Virginia marriage laws effective July 1, 2024 protect constitutional right to marry and ban child marriage by raising legal marriage age in Virginia

The Legislative Hall in Dover, Delaware

39 DAYS AGO | 6.11.2024

Delaware Might Simplify Marriage Process for Parolees

Learn about proposed changes to Delaware state marriage laws which determine how people on parole or probation apply for a marriage license. A substitute Sen...

Bride and groom hold hands while walking along the shore on the beach on their wedding day in Hawaii

68 DAYS AGO | 5.13.2024

Your Hawaii marriage license appointment is available online… in about 88 years

Learn about updates to Hawaii marriage laws that make it possible for couples to meet with a marriage license agent remotely using online services. Once appr...

A bride and groom raise glasses of champagne next to two computer monitors showing all their guests attending remotely on zoom, during a virtual online wedding

72 DAYS AGO | 5.9.2024

Updates to Utah’s Virtual Marriage Laws Are in Effect This Month

Learn about updates to online/virtual marriage laws in Utah, and what wedding officiants and couples should know about remote marriage services in the state:...

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A young bride in a white wedding gown smiles while talking on her cell phone, against a tan background.

106 DAYS AGO | 4.5.2024

Can You Get Married Over The Phone? (Plus a Look at Other Remote Wedding Opti...

Learn more about remote wedding options, including whether or not it’s legal to get married over the phone, using online virtual / video-conferencing platfor...

A groom places a wedding ring on a bride's finger during their marriage ceremony.

113 DAYS AGO | 3.29.2024

Justices of the Peace are Causing Marriage Mayhem in Connecticut

Learn about controversy caused by Justices of the Peace in Bridgeport, CT, who are loitering outside the vital records office and marrying couples at city ha...

Close up photo shows a man and woman holding hands outdoors on a sunny day. The woman is wearing a small engagement ring, a symbol that the couple plans to get married.

113 DAYS AGO | 3.29.2024

If You Want to Marry Your Cousin in Tennessee, You’d Better Do It Fast

Learn about marriage legislation in Tennessee that would ban marriages between first-cousins – plus a bill that would create a separate marriage license for...

Two gold wedding rings sit on a table in the foreground, in the background a man signs a document, stock image

130 DAYS AGO | 3.12.2024

Washington State Just Banned Child Marriage

Gov. Inslee signed a bill into law on Thursday raising the legal minimum age to marry in Washington State to 18 years old, without exception. This change wil...

Two brides sit in front of a laptop showing off their wedding rings during an online virtual marriage ceremony. They are smiling and happy, wearing casual clothes.

183 DAYS AGO | 1.19.2024

“The Las Vegas of Virtual Weddings”: Utah Sen. Weiler works with County Clerk...

Utah legislators consider a substitute bill that will allow couples to marry in virtual wedding ceremonies from anywhere in the world, as long as certain gui...

Close up of a laptop keyboard and wedding rings

184 DAYS AGO | 1.18.2024

Will Utah Legislators Put Limits on Virtual Weddings in 2024?

Learn about proposed changes to Utah's remote marriage ceremonies and services in 2024. Legislators seek to amend the law to require at least one of the indi...

Close up of man and girl holding hands with wedding rings

185 DAYS AGO | 1.17.2024

Banning Child Marriage: Four States Consider Legislation to Raise Legal Age t...

Four states are considering child marriage bans in 2024, with legislation that would raise the legal age of consent to marry to 18 years old. Learn about eff...

Close up of a young couple hands,  holding hands outdoors.

187 DAYS AGO | 1.15.2024

Washington State is One Step Closer to Child Marriage Ban in 2024

Learn about legislation to outlaw child marriage in Washington State. The members of the WA House of Representatives voted unanimously in favor of HB 1455 th...

Two brides hold up their hands to a laptop screen to show off their wedding rings following a casual online wedding ceremony.

190 DAYS AGO | 1.12.2024

New Jersey Lawmakers Discuss Virtual Weddings & Marriage License Appointments...

Learn about legislation to allow virtual marriage license appointments and online wedding ceremonies in New Jersey. Carry over bills sponsored by Representat...


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