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A young bride in a white wedding gown smiles while talking on her cell phone, against a tan background.

13 DAYS AGO | 4.5.2024

Can You Get Married Over The Phone? (Plus a Look at Other Remote Wedding Opti...

Learn more about remote wedding options, including whether or not it’s legal to get married over the phone, using online virtual / video-conferencing platfor...

Bride and groom laying in the grass in their beautiful wedding outfits, suit and dress, smiling at each other and holding hands. Photo taken from above, looking down.

14 DAYS AGO | 4.4.2024

Spring 2024 Most Popular Wedding Ceremony Scripts of the Season

The most popular wedding ceremony scripts of the 2024 Spring wedding season! Short, simple, funny, and slightly-spiritual, these are the trends to watch. Wit...

A young couple hold hands outdoors in the sun.

16 DAYS AGO | 4.2.2024

Can You Get Married Without a Wedding Ring?

Can you get married without exchanging wedding rings? Yes, you bet! Learn why some couples skip the rings, ideas for wedding gifts to exchange instead of rin...

Una ilustración estilizada de manos y el cosmos, con números para simbolizar la numerología de la boda.

21 DAYS AGO | 3.28.2024

Numerología de Bodas: Las Mejores Fechas para Casarse en 2024

¡Las mejores fechas para casarse cada temporada en 2024, según la numerología! La experta numeróloga Rebecca Scolnick ofrece información e inspiración para a...

Young wedding officiant leads the ceremony for two brides during an alternative outdoor wedding ceremony.

22 DAYS AGO | 3.27.2024

What Wedding Planners Wish Wedding Officiants Knew…

5 ways for new and first-time wedding officiants to work best with the wedding planner, including tips on communication, collaboration and who runs the rehea...

A brown leather briefcase sits outside in flowers, a wedding officiant's emergency kit

24 DAYS AGO | 3.25.2024

You’ll NEVER Guess What’s in These Officiants’ Emergency Kits

A few surprising items you’ll find in a wedding officiant emergency kit, for officiants who perform ceremonies in unique and unusual locations.

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Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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La ilustración estilizada muestra tres cabezas con corazones en la mente, como si estuvieran pensando en el amor, sobre un fondo rosa. Para simbolizar el poliamor

27 DAYS AGO | 3.22.2024

Ejemplos de Votos para Bodas Poliamorosas y Ceremonias de Compromiso

Ejemplos de votos matrimoniales y votos de compromiso para celebraciones poliamorosas de matrimonio, renovación de votos y ceremonias de compromiso. Estos ej...

Una novia y su amigo oficiante sonríen y se abrazan el día de la boda.

36 DAYS AGO | 3.13.2024

5 Grandes Razones para Pedirle a su Amigo o Amiga que Oficie su Boda

¡5 razones por las que pedirle a un amigo o familiar que oficie su boda es la mejor elección que pueda hacer! Los amigos y familiares son excelentes oficiant...

Newlyweds embrace following a surprise wedding ceremony on the beach, surrounded by friends and relatives. Everyone looks very happy, excited, and surprised.

38 DAYS AGO | 3.11.2024

New Officiant Script for a Surprise Wedding Ceremony!

Fun wedding officiant script for a surprise wedding ceremony, officiated by a friend or relative! This nonreligious ceremony begins with a sweet toast, follo...

A young nontraditional couple, newlyweds, on their wedding day, standing outside of the ceremony in leather coats and sunglasses, smiling and looking happy

44 DAYS AGO | 3.5.2024

New script! Atheist Wedding Ceremony with Funny Unity Toast

An atheist wedding ceremony script that celebrates trust, joy, and love as the features of a happy marriage. This officiant script includes a warm welcome to...

Officiant reads to the couple during their wedding ceremony outdoors

50 DAYS AGO | 2.28.2024

10 Low-Key Bible Verses for Weddings (For Non-Religious & Interfaith Couples)

Are you a nonreligious, atheist, or interfaith couple looking for slightly-religious Bible quotes and verses to include in your mostly secular wedding ceremo...

Illustration of three heads with hearts in them, against a pink background

51 DAYS AGO | 2.27.2024

Sample Vows for Polyamorous Wedding & Commitment Ceremonies

Examples of wedding vows & commitment vows for polyamorous celebrations of marriage, vow renewals, and commitment ceremonies. These examples will work for sp...

Bride links arms with her father as he walks her down the aisle on her wedding day. It's sunny and they are outdoors, they look very happy.

55 DAYS AGO | 2.23.2024

Include Dads & Father-Figures in a Wedding Ceremony With These Sweet Ideas

Sweet ways to include a father, grandfather, step-dad or father-figure in your wedding ceremony, including suggestions to honor the memory of a deceased fath...

Easter eggs decorated with pink and red flowers and romantic designs, sitting on a pink table

56 DAYS AGO | 2.22.2024

Add a Quirky Egg Blessing to Your Easter Wedding & Give Kids Something Fun to...

Plan an offbeat Easter wedding with a fun egg blessing ceremony! It’s a great way to include friends and relatives in your wedding, with an epic egg hunt aft...

Two Easter eggs in a pastel carton, decorated blue and pink with smiling faces and small flower wreaths, with foliage in the foreground

57 DAYS AGO | 2.21.2024

Easter Wedding Ideas Inspired by Traditional Polish Kashubian ‘Jastrë’ Ceremo...

Plan a unique Easter wedding ceremony with inspiration from traditional Polish Kashubian ‘Jastre’ Ceremonies! 5 ideas that are perfect for multicultural or P...


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