American Marriage Ministries Legal Government Certifications

American Marriage Ministries is a IRS 501c3 certified non-profit. We offer legal online ordination for individuals who want to become an ordained minister to officiate weddings. AMM believes all people have the right to perform marriage. Our free ordination and wedding training will teach you how to marry people. Become a Wedding Officiant with AMM!

AMM, a IRS 501c3 Approved Charitable Organization

American Marriage Ministries is the only church offering free online ordinations that is approved by the IRS as a 501c3 Charitable Organization. This means that AMM is held to a higher standard of accountability and practice compared to similar churches offering ministry ordinations to perform marriage. With over 629,133 Ordained Ministers and counting, AMM is the premiere choice to get your wedding officiant license.

American Marriage Ministries
IRS 501(c)(3) Approved Status

AMM Domestic Corporate Filings

American Marriage Ministries is Legally recognized across the United States though is headquartered in Washington State. Below are our domestic corporate filings with the Washington Secretary of State:

AMM Foreign Corporate Filings

American Marriage Ministries also holds foreign corporate filings in states requiring such action. AMM ministers regularly perform marriages in Las Vegas, Nevada in addition to other states where American Marriage Ministries is required to register as a foreign corporation. In order to better facilitate our ministry ordinations and the ability of our ministers to officiate weddings, American Marriage Ministries takes great care in maintaining our Legal Status so that our ministers can focus on performing marriage ceremonies.