Your Congregation

You and the Global Fellowship of AMM Ministers

You are now part of the global Fellowship of AMM Ministers and are empowered to lead your congregation. Your congregation is a vital part of your ministerial service.

When officiating a marriage, you may consider the wedding party and guests as your congregation. Your congregation may consist of the people to whom you minister and/or those friends and family with whom you commune spiritually.

The law in the United States provides no precise definition for the term "congregation", so yours may be an informal collection of friends and family or a larger group of regular members. Many AMM Ministers discuss matters of faith and spirituality with their congregation in the home, which they treat as a place of worship. Others have the privilege to commune in a dedicated place of worship. Others still find their calling in performing a single wedding. Either way, an important part of your ministry is service to your congregation, or others outside your congregation, who want you to solemnize their marriage.


When performing a marriage, you are acting in your capacity as both an AMM Minister (part of the global Fellowship) and as a minister of your congregation.

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