WILL YOU Marry Us?

You've likely put great thought into how you will ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to stand by your side throughout this extraordinary life event.

Now, it's time to share that same excitement and joy with the friend or family member you have chosen to perform your wedding ceremony:

Your Officiant

Will You Marry Us? Card
Will You Marry Us? Box

Honoring Your Union:
Requesting "Will You Marry Us?"

Officiating weddings requires preparation and practice, and asking someone to perform your wedding shouldn't be done lightly. That's why you should choose someone who you know, trust, and love to officiate.

Ensure that your officiant has the required credentials when it's time to perform your wedding with the original “Will You Marry Us…” gift package. Local governments often ask for proof of ordination and a letter of good standing. You don't want your officiant to spend their time with boring bureaucracy. Simplify the process with pre-filled government forms and step-by-step instructions on completing government registration.


How it works

Step 1Bride and/or Groom

Before you ask, “will you be our officiant,” order AMM's "Will You Marry Us?" gift box. Be sure to select the state where you will be getting married, and we'll make sure that all the right paperwork is included. You can choose to have the gift box shipped to you if you would like to present it in person, or you can opt to ship it directly to your intended officiant. The gift box will contain a card with a unique redemption code for your intended officiant.

Step 2Intended Officiant

Gets ordained on our website! Once they are ordained they can follow the instructions to redeem their unique "Will You Marry Us?" code in their profile (don't worry, we'll include detailed instructions for them in the gift package). And with AMM's helpful resources, they will be on their way to preparing a personalized ceremony!


the ultimate
wedding officiant training kit

“Will You Marry Us?” will empower your officiant to deliver a ceremony that people will be talking about for years to come. It includes ministry credentials and any required government applications with completion instructions (if applicable), in addition to the industry-leading guidebook on how to perform ceremonies like a pro, Asked to Officiate.

Giving this gift to your officiant is a statement of trust and support. It says, “you are important to us,” and “we want to honor this service that we are asking of you.” By sharing this gift, we want couples and their officiants to feel even more connected because that feeling will help them create fireworks during the ceremony.

What's Inside:

Wedding Ceremony Materials

Credentials and Officiant Licensing Materials

Will You Marry Us? Package Contents


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Couples: Please note that some states have registration requirements that must be completed prior to performing marriage. We highly recommend reviewing state minister registration requirements and timelines for Ministers and Officiants so that you ask your officiant with plenty of time to register if it is necessary.


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