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New Script! A Wedding Ceremony Script for Older Couples

Published Tuesday, Jan. 25th, 2022

Plan a ceremony that embraces your love and experience later in life 




If you’re past the puppy-love phase but still head-over-heels smitten, we’ve got the perfect script for your wedding day. 


This wedding script celebrates marriages that come later in life. It’s for those nontraditional couples that are finding love in their own time, in their own way, and want to shout it from the rooftops! 


We’ve added a new sample script to our library: 


A Simple Wedding Ceremony Script for Older Couples



This simple wedding script begins with a heartfelt invocation and a touch of humor, reflecting on the ways the couple has enriched the lives of family and friends over the years, and offering a sweet quote from Edward Bulwer-Lytton :


“It is not by the gray of the hair that one knows the age of the heart.”

A traditional declaration of intent is followed by the option for personal written vows, a tender exchange of rings, and final blessing from the wedding officiant. 


From the script: 


“As you know, life always has a way of surprising us, and often those surprises are more beautiful than anything we could have dreamed up ourselves, as long as we hang in for the ride. Here’s to the two of you – sharing the rest of this wild ride together!”

Whether this is your first, second, or third marriage, this script is a sweet reminder that true love is always worth the wait.  


We love a happy ending! 


See the full wedding script here. 





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Visit our Wedding Ceremony Script Library.


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To make things easier, we keep our Sample Script Library well stocked, with all kinds of wedding ceremony templates and sample scripts for you to choose from. These scripts make a great starting point for first time officiants – with sections to add to, leave out, or reorganize, as you personalize a ceremony. 


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Bernard King
Bernard King

Staff Writer

Bernard is known for his love of art and passion for music, especially when it comes to playing the bass guitar. He's dedicated to his community, family and friends, but also loves exploring new lifestyles, cultures and ideas.

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Jessica Levey

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Jessica loves exploring the history and magic of ritual, the connections between people and places, and sharing true stories about love and commitment. She's an advocate for marriage equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and individuality, and is an ordained Minister with AMM. When she’s not writing or illustrating for AMM, she enjoys city hikes, fantasy novels, comics, and traveling.

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