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A gavel and two gold wedding rings sit on a table next to someone filling out marriage paperwork. Symbolizing a change in marriage laws.

8 DAYS AGO | 7.12.2024

New Hampshire Child Marriage Ban in Effect in 2025

The New Hampshire child marriage law is in effect on Jan 1, 2025. What to know if you’re a wedding officiant or applying for a NH marriage license!

Newlweds pose with a happy smile outside in wedding attire and leather jackets, holding a small sign that says 'Just Eloped!'

10 DAYS AGO | 7.10.2024

The Knot Just Acquired Simply Eloped… What Are They Up To?

News that The Knot Worldwide purchased Simply Eloped is making waves in the wedding industry. What does it mean for officiants, vendors and weddings in general?

16 DAYS AGO | 7.4.2024

AMM’s 2024 Officiant Yearbook! The American Weddings Blog Year in Review

Celebrate the AMM Ministers, staff, celebrities, and other rockstars that made this year's American Weddings blog AMAZING! Our 2023-2024 AMM Yearbook Recap

Two grooms hug outdoors on the wedding day in Virginia

19 DAYS AGO | 7.1.2024

New Virginia Marriage Equality Law Goes Into Effect Today

New Virginia marriage law protects same-sex, LGBTQ+, and interracial couples. See how the change impacts AMM Ministers and wedding officiants in Virginia.

Two grooms embrace and smile at each other on the wedding day

22 DAYS AGO | 6.28.2024

Virginia’s Child Marriage Ban in Effect Soon, Plus Protections for Marriage R...

Virginia marriage laws effective July 1, 2024 protect constitutional right to marry and ban child marriage by raising legal marriage age in Virginia

Two photos side by side, Taylor Swift in a red dress and red lipstick, Travis Kelce in a red suit jacket. A red heart has been placed over the center of the image where the photos meet.

32 DAYS AGO | 6.18.2024

What to Expect at Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Wedding…

Our predictions for a Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce wedding ceremony: Rumors are swirling about a summer wedding in Rhode Island, but is the celebrity power ...

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The Legislative Hall in Dover, Delaware

39 DAYS AGO | 6.11.2024

Delaware Might Simplify Marriage Process for Parolees

Learn about proposed changes to Delaware state marriage laws which determine how people on parole or probation apply for a marriage license. A substitute Sen...

Poster for new horror movie titled 'Invited', written in red letters at the top of the image. Below, a series of squares are filled with stills from the film, including a bride with blood on her forehead, and desperate looking family members.

60 DAYS AGO | 5.21.2024

A Zoom Wedding Gets Bloody in New Horror Film ‘Invited’

AMM interviews the masterminds behind new horror movie ‘Invited,’ featuring a deadly woman-lead cult, family drama, and a Zoom wedding ceremony gone wrong! W...

Wedding Officiant Susan Noles performs the marriage ceremony for Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner and winning contestant Theresa Nist, who is dressed in a white wedding dress and veil. Everyone looks excited and happy.

64 DAYS AGO | 5.17.2024

Wedding Officiants, Do You Have a ‘Perfect Record’ for Marriages?

Following the announcement of The Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner's divorce from Theresa Nist (S1), wedding officiant Susan Noles joked that the couple's split ...

A wedding guest attends an afterparty in Japan dressed in cosply as Mobile Suit Gundam. He has one glove off and holds a glass of wine.

65 DAYS AGO | 5.16.2024

Forget black-tie! Wedding guest wears giant robot costume to cosplayer nuptials

Wedding guest Kuroboshi wears a Mobile Suit Gundam cosplay costume to the wedding afterparty of two Japanese cosplayers, Ryuryu and Ruby.

Bride and groom hold hands while walking along the shore on the beach on their wedding day in Hawaii

68 DAYS AGO | 5.13.2024

Your Hawaii marriage license appointment is available online… in about 88 years

Learn about updates to Hawaii marriage laws that make it possible for couples to meet with a marriage license agent remotely using online services. Once appr...

A bride and groom raise glasses of champagne next to two computer monitors showing all their guests attending remotely on zoom, during a virtual online wedding

72 DAYS AGO | 5.9.2024

Updates to Utah’s Virtual Marriage Laws Are in Effect This Month

Learn about updates to online/virtual marriage laws in Utah, and what wedding officiants and couples should know about remote marriage services in the state:...

An interracial couple, man and woman embrace outdoors in the sun on their wedding day

74 DAYS AGO | 5.7.2024

New Utah Marriage Law Protects Interracial Couples, In Effect This Month

A new law that protects the right to marry in Utah regardless of race, ethnicity, and national origin went into effect earlier this month, on May 1st, 2024. ...

Husband and wife embrace sweetly on the couch at home, husband holds a wrapped anniversary gift with a red bow for her.

75 DAYS AGO | 5.6.2024

The Best Anniversary Gift for Any Year, Whether It’s Your 1st or 50th

Looking for sweet wedding anniversary gift ideas? This unique vow renewal gift box is the perfect way to say ‘I’d marry you all over again!’ Pair it with a s...

Promotional image showing three wedding officiants who will be speaking during upcoming online classes.

94 DAYS AGO | 4.17.2024

Don’t Miss These Upcoming Online Officiant Courses from AMM!

Join AMM and expert wedding officiants from around the country for an exciting continuing-education course! These free online training classes are open to al...


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