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Bride and groom laying in the grass in their beautiful wedding outfits, suit and dress, smiling at each other and holding hands. Photo taken from above, looking down.

8 DAYS AGO | 4.4.2024

Spring 2024 Most Popular Wedding Ceremony Scripts of the Season

The most popular wedding ceremony scripts of the 2024 Spring wedding season! Short, simple, funny, and slightly-spiritual, these are the trends to watch. Wit...

A groom places a wedding ring on a bride's finger during their marriage ceremony.

14 DAYS AGO | 3.29.2024

Justices of the Peace are Causing Marriage Mayhem in Connecticut

Learn about controversy caused by Justices of the Peace in Bridgeport, CT, who are loitering outside the vital records office and marrying couples at city ha...

Close up photo shows a man and woman holding hands outdoors on a sunny day. The woman is wearing a small engagement ring, a symbol that the couple plans to get married.

14 DAYS AGO | 3.29.2024

If You Want to Marry Your Cousin in Tennessee, You’d Better Do It Fast

Learn about marriage legislation in Tennessee that would ban marriages between first-cousins – plus a bill that would create a separate marriage license for...

Two gold wedding rings sit on a table in the foreground, in the background a man signs a document, stock image

31 DAYS AGO | 3.12.2024

Washington State Just Banned Child Marriage

Gov. Inslee signed a bill into law on Thursday raising the legal minimum age to marry in Washington State to 18 years old, without exception. This change wil...

Newlyweds embrace following a surprise wedding ceremony on the beach, surrounded by friends and relatives. Everyone looks very happy, excited, and surprised.

32 DAYS AGO | 3.11.2024

New Officiant Script for a Surprise Wedding Ceremony!

Fun wedding officiant script for a surprise wedding ceremony, officiated by a friend or relative! This nonreligious ceremony begins with a sweet toast, follo...

A young nontraditional couple, newlyweds, on their wedding day, standing outside of the ceremony in leather coats and sunglasses, smiling and looking happy

38 DAYS AGO | 3.5.2024

New script! Atheist Wedding Ceremony with Funny Unity Toast

An atheist wedding ceremony script that celebrates trust, joy, and love as the features of a happy marriage. This officiant script includes a warm welcome to...

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Officiant Accelerator promotional image, shows a photo of downtown Houston, Texas, with the event branding and title overlaid

43 DAYS AGO | 2.29.2024

Officiant Accelerator is in Houston on May 15th! Meet our Expert Speakers...

Calling all Texas wedding officiants! American Marriage Ministries is headed to Houston for a day of officiant-focused education, conversation, and networkin...

Photo of a wedding ceremony guide book with flowers surrounding it

64 DAYS AGO | 2.8.2024

Introducing AMM’s Book of Wedding Vows and Ceremonies!

For wedding officiants and couples, AMM presents an exciting collection of wedding vow and ceremony script examples! This detailed book includes examples for...

Zoe Kravitz and Lenny Kravitz pose for a photo

73 DAYS AGO | 1.30.2024

Lenny Kravitz Might ‘Wing’ His Wedding Toast, But You’d Better Not

Unless you’re a rock ‘n’ roll legend who’s mastered the impromptu red carpet interview like Lenny Kravitz, it’s best to prepare and practice your wedding toa...

Close up of a laptop keyboard and wedding rings

85 DAYS AGO | 1.18.2024

Will Utah Legislators Put Limits on Virtual Weddings in 2024?

Learn about proposed changes to Utah's remote marriage ceremonies and services in 2024. Legislators seek to amend the law to require at least one of the indi...

Close up of man and girl holding hands with wedding rings

86 DAYS AGO | 1.17.2024

Banning Child Marriage: Four States Consider Legislation to Raise Legal Age t...

Four states are considering child marriage bans in 2024, with legislation that would raise the legal age of consent to marry to 18 years old. Learn about eff...

Newlyweds bride and groom kiss outdoors during their wedding ceremony. The sun is behind them and shines through as they kiss.

87 DAYS AGO | 1.16.2024

Arkansas Officiant Plans Cosmic Group Wedding for April’s Solar Eclipse

Get married during April’s solar eclipse in a unique group wedding event in Pottsville, Arkansas! Officiated by AMM-ordained Notary Officiant Kimberely Boren...

Close up of a young couple hands,  holding hands outdoors.

88 DAYS AGO | 1.15.2024

Washington State is One Step Closer to Child Marriage Ban in 2024

Learn about legislation to outlaw child marriage in Washington State. The members of the WA House of Representatives voted unanimously in favor of HB 1455 th...

Two brides hold up their hands to a laptop screen to show off their wedding rings following a casual online wedding ceremony.

91 DAYS AGO | 1.12.2024

New Jersey Lawmakers Discuss Virtual Weddings & Marriage License Appointments...

Learn about legislation to allow virtual marriage license appointments and online wedding ceremonies in New Jersey. Carry over bills sponsored by Representat...

A young couple wave at a laptop placed on a table in front of them. They are wearing wedding attire, a suit and dress, for their marriage ceremony

94 DAYS AGO | 1.9.2024

Can an AI Avatar or Chatbot Officiate a Wedding?

Can an AI Avatar or Chatbot Legally Officiate a Wedding Ceremony? Learn who (and what) can serve as a legal officiant for your marriage ceremony, including w...


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