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Romantic Wedding Ceremony Script

Close up photo of a groom placing a wedding ring on a bride's ring finger during the wedding ring exchange ceremony. Below her hands is a bouquet of red roses that rests on her lap.

A romantic wedding ceremony script that’s easy to personalize with unique details from your own relationship and love story. This short secular script follows a basic wedding ceremony outline, with custom written vows and a wedding ring exchange.

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  • Guests are seated. A decorated wedding arch stands at the front of the room, where the officiant waits to begin. 
  • The couple enter together or join each other at the altar, walking down the aisle with an escort if they choose. The officiant motions for the guests to stand as the couple makes their entrance. 


Officiant to reception 

You may be seated. Welcome, everyone, and thank you for being here today, as we join these two lovebirds for life. 

__________ and __________ have known this moment was coming from the first day they met. You’ve heard stories of love at first sight? Well, it was just that way with these two. Standing in front of each other that day – smiling and laughing like old friends from day one – they felt something familiar and extraordinary linking them together, as if they’d always known each other.

It wasn’t long before they were sharing long walks in the park together, staying up all night at the club to dance, and spending weekends in the mountains, talking, dreaming, and planning for the future. They’ve cheered each other on, through graduations, and the start of two incredible careers, and started building a home here, surrounded by their friends and family – all of you here today. 

__________ and __________ have shared the best and most vulnerable parts of each other over the past (three) years, supporting each other in every new adventure. 

Now they’re ready to start the biggest adventure of all – marriage. 

Officiant to couple

__________ and __________, are you ready to take this next step together?

Couple to officiant


Officiant to reception

And does anyone here object? (brief pause) If so, you’re free to leave! 

Vow exchange and Declaration of Intent

Officiant to couple

Wonderful! __________ and __________, you have our full support as you take your vows. Please turn toward each other and join hands.

  • The couple should only join one hand, keeping the other free. The Officiant hands each partner an index card with their printed wedding vows to read from. Couples can write their vows together, or share them as a surprise. We recommend that the Officiant read each set of vows before the ceremony, for length, and to make sure they have the same tone and feel.


Officiant to Partner A

__________, your partner in life for the last (three) years stands before you, ready to become your partner for a lifetime. Your soulmate. Your best friend. 

When you’re ready, please read your vows. 

Partner A to Partner B

I take thee __________, to be my (husband/ wife/ partner). I promise to carry you through your hard times, and to let you carry me through mine. I promise to kiss you every day with the same passion as today, so that each day reminds us of this moment. You’re the brightest, best part of my life. You bring ease and peace to my soul. You’re a soft rain on dry land, and sunshine on a cold day. I love you for who you are, and I’ll love you in every incarnation to come. You mean everything to me, and it’s my greatest happiness to be yours.

Officiant to Partner B

__________, your partner in life for the last (three) years stands before you, ready to become your partner for a lifetime. Your soulmate. Your truest companion. 

When you’re ready, please read your vows. 

Partner B to Partner A

I take thee __________, to be my (husband/ wife/ partner). I’ve loved you from day one, and I’m never going to stop. I promise to comfort you in difficult times, and to let you comfort me in mine. I promise to cook the best foods for you, and take you to new places so that we can make new memories and share new experiences together, every chance we get. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and today I give you my heart. I love you, and I’m so lucky to marry you.

Officiant to the couple

Those words were so beautiful! I’m going to cry… We’re all going to cry! 
It’s ok, it’s absolutely worth it. You two are perfect for each other. 

Ring Exchange 

  • The officiant takes the index cards back and places them to the side, then hands the couple the wedding rings. The couple doesn’t need to hold hands during the ring exchange. 

Officiant to couple

These wedding rings symbolize eternal love and devotion, and will serve as a reminder of the promises you’ve made here. Wear them with pride – for the challenges you’ve overcome together, your integrity and commitment to each other, and for the life you’re building for the future. Let these rings remind you of how blessed you are to have one another. 

Officiant to Partner A

__________, place this ring on __________’s finger please and say, “With this ring I marry you.”

Officiant to Partner B

__________, place this ring on __________’s finger please and say, “With this ring I marry you.”


Officiant to couple

Beautiful! __________ and __________, you’ve exchanged vows and the gift of rings as a promise of your love and commitment. It is my great honor and privilege to now pronounce you married! 

  • The couple may wish to be pronounced ‘husband and wife,’ ‘wife and wife,’ ‘partners for life,’ etc.

You may now kiss!


  • Crowd cheers and the couple exits down the aisle holding hands.


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