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Surprise Wedding Ceremony Script

A bride and groom, newlyweds, embrace on the wedding day after their ceremony, surrounded by friends who are clapping and cheering with their hands raised. It's an exuberant, joyful scene. They are on the beach on a warm sunny day, with the water visible behind them.

A simple wedding ceremony script to use when a couple throws a surprise wedding ceremony! Written for a friend officiant, this sample wedding script is nonreligious and informal, and can be modified and personalized to fit a couple's unique situation, love story, and style.

This surprise wedding ceremony script was written for a Friend Officiant to deliver during a dinner party, cocktail party, or similar gathering of friends and family members. In this case, the couple has planned a casual party with a surprise wedding in mind.  


It's a simple, nonreligious, and informal wedding ceremony script. 


Modify this script to make it fit your unique circumstances, love story, and style. You might want to add a unity ritual after the vows, or a short reading. It's up to you! Make it your own. 



Phoro Credit: FG Trade Latin / iStock

Invocation / Opening Words

Officiant to Gathering

Hi, everyone! Can I get your attention for a minute? 

I’d like to make a toast! A toast about love and about family. Raise a glass! 

Everyone here tonight is part of a circle. A chosen family. Family is about togetherness. Forgiving those annoying quirks, celebrating the wins, comforting each other when times are tough, and making life happier through good company and conversation.

And every one of you has given your time and love to two very special people who are important to me – to all of us – [Partner A] and [Partner B]. 

That’s why we’re all here tonight! And why I’m delighted to announce this is more than a dinner party…

It’s a wedding! Surprise! 

Officiant to Couple

[Partner A] and [Partner B], stand up [alternate: come on out / come on up] and let’s do this! 

  • [Pause for celebration and the couple’s entrance, and for guests to rearrange their seats for a better view.]

Declaration of Intent

Officiant to Gathering

Does everyone have a good view? Cameras ready to take some great photos? Alright, let’s get to it. 

Officiant to Partner A

[Partner A], do you take [Partner B] as your lawfully wedded [husband / wife / spouse], to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, loving them with your whole heart through life’s ups and downs, until death do you part? 

Partner A

I do! 

Officiant to Partner B

[Partner B], do you take [Partner A] as your lawfully wedded [husband / wife / spouse], to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, loving them with your whole heart through life’s ups and downs, until death do you part? 

Partner B

I do! 

Exchange of Vows

Officiant to Gathering

Friends and loved ones, [Partner A] and [Partner B] will now exchange personal marriage vows. They each wrote these vows privately, so they’ll be sharing them for the first time here with us. A sweet surprise for all of us! 

Officiant to Partner A

[Partner A], please read your vows for [Partner B]. 

  • [Partner A reads his/her/their vows]

Officiant to Partner B

[Partner B], please read your vows for [Partner A]. 

  • [Partner B reads his/her/their vows]


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Exchange of Rings

Officiant to Gathering

As an enduring symbol of these vows, [Partner A] and [Partner B] will now exchange rings. These rings have been hiding in their pockets all evening – I know they’re ready to pull them out and wear them proudly! 

  • [Partner A and Partner B exchange wedding rings.]


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Closing Words & Pronouncement

Officiant to gathering & couple

Most of you didn’t know you’d be at a wedding tonight – but [Partner A] and [Partner B] have known they were meant for each other since that first date [number of months/years] years ago. 

They didn’t know what life together would look like, but they knew however things turned out, they were better side by side. 

[Partner A] and [Partner B], hold onto the love between you. Nurture it, explore it, revel in it. But never take it for granted. Your love is a gift, cherish it always. 

May all of life’s surprises be as joyful as this one, and enjoyed in such good company! 

It’s with great faith in the power of your love, and with the support of your friends and family, that I pronounce you [husband and wife / etc]. 

You may kiss!

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