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All Inclusive Ceremony Script

A bride places her hand, palm up, in the groom's palm. She is holding several scrabble tiles and a gold wedding band, to spell out 'love'

This all inclusive wedding ceremony script features an expanded invocation that highlights the importance of inclusivity and open-mindedness in establishing a healthy marriage. It includes a reading from Corinthians for a more traditional wedding ceremony. We encourage you to use this script as is or build on this script for a more personalized ceremony for the couple.

Watch an AMM Minister perform this sample wedding ceremony:




Beginning of the Wedding Ceremony.

  • Guests are seated followed by the entrance of the Bridal Party.


officiant to the reception

"Welcome, family and loved ones. We are gathered here today, surrounded by the beauty of creation and nurtured by the sights and sounds of nature to celebrate the joining of [PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B] in marriage.

Today is a celebration. A celebration of love, of commitment, of friendship, of family, and of two people who are in it for forever.

You don't have to have a ceremony to have a marriage. And when you think about it, the whole thing is kind of weird, right? You're standing in front of everyone, looking fancy, holding flowers, and being stared at by so many of those who you hold near and dear. So why do we do it? The marriage ceremony has been an important feature across nearly every culture, religion, generation, and society. We have thousands of important moments that happen throughout our lives, but this one is regarded as one so critical, we acknowledge its special status by sharing it with others. Why this moment?

Because despite all of our differences, love is what we all share. It's the great unifier - our one universal truth. That no matter who we are, where we've come from, what we believe, we know this one thing: love is what we're doing right. That's why you both are standing here.

That's why you all are here to watch them stand up here. We have all loved in our lifetimes, and in this moment, we're reminded that the ability to love is the very best part of our humanity.

All of us here today have our own love stories. Some are short, others long. Some are yet unwritten, while others are just getting to the good part. There are chapters in all of our stories that are sad or disappointing - and others that are exciting and full of adventure.

And that brings them here. A time to pause, look back, and smile at all the moments that brought them here. And a time to look ahead at all the moments that are still to come.

I'm here - we're all here - because we want those moments for you. We're here to hope with you, to support you, to be proud of you, and to remind you that love isn't happily ever after, love is the experience of writing your story. It's not one moment - not even this moment. It's every moment. Big ones like saying 'I love you,' moving in together, getting engaged - but mostly a million little ones that come in between the big moments. Falling asleep next to one another, making dinner together, spending holidays with your families, binge-watching Netflix shows, getting a big hug when you get home from work… These everyday moments fuse together into one big experience.

And even though this experience is so incredible, words fail us when we try and explain it. That's just the way it is with love - it's meant to be felt, not described.

But trying to describe love is one of our favorite pastimes. We use the words we have to write stories, and poems, and songs about love. And even though we describe love in different ways - and even though love can look different from one person to the next - we all know it when we see it. And we see it here.

You fell in love by chance, but you're here today because you're making a choice. You both are choosing each other. You've chosen to be with someone who enhances you, who makes you think, makes you smile, and makes every day brighter. You're about to make promises to each other that you intend to keep. You're going to vow to take care of each other, to stand up for one another, and find happiness in the other. There's a simple premise to each of these promises: you're vowing to be there.

You're teaming up and saying to the other, 'Every experience I am going to have, I want you to be a part of.'"



"[PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B], please join hands, look at one another now and remember this moment in time."OFFICIANT TO PARTNER A
"Will you [PARTNER A], keep [PARTNER B] as your favorite person - to laugh with him/her, go on adventures with him/her, support him/her through life's tough moments, be proud of him/her, grow old with him/her, and find new reasons to love her every day?"PARTNER A TO PARTNER B
 "I will."officiant to partner b
"Will you, [PARTNER B], keep [PARTNER A] as your favorite person - to laugh with him/her, go on adventures with him/her, support him/her through life's tough moments, be proud of him/her, grow old with him/her, and find new reasons to love her every day?"partner b to partner a
"I will."officiant to the couple

"Will you, [PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B], be each other's partners from this day forward? Will you bring out the best in one another, share your happiest moments together, and love each other absolutely - for the rest of this lifetime and for whatever may come next?"couple to the officiant
"We will."


officiant to the couple

"You've both chosen to wear rings as a reminder of these promises. People often say wedding bands are a perfect circle, with no beginning and no end. But these rings did have a beginning. The stones were formed a long time ago deep within the earth.

Eventually, a series of lucky events caused them to rise to the surface, where someone dug them up. Metal was then liquefied in a furnace - molded, cooled, and painstakingly polished. Something beautiful was made from raw elements.

Love is like that. It comes from humble beginnings, and through a combination of serendipity and effort, imperfect beings shape it into something extraordinary. It's the process of making something beautiful where there was once nothing at all. As you look at these rings over the years, I hope you remember that. You've created something invaluable, and just as I know you'll protect these rings, I'm confident you'll protect the commitments you've made to one another today."
officiant to partner a
"[PARTNER A], as you place this ring on [PARTNER B]'s finger, repeat these words after me: This ring symbolizes my love for you and the commitments we made today."

  • partner a repeats the words as they place the ring on partner b's finger.

officiant to partner b
"[PARTNER B], as you place this ring on [PARTNER A]'s finger, repeat these words after me: This ring symbolizes my love for you and the commitments we made today."

  • partner B repeats the words as they place the ring on partner A's finger.


officiant to the couple

"[PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B], you have come here today of your own free will and in the presence of family and loved ones, have declared your love and commitment to each other. You have given and received rings as a symbol of your promises."

"By the power of your love and commitment to each other, and by the power vested in me by the State of [WEDDING STATE] and American Marriage Ministries, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now seal your vows with a kiss.

officiant to the reception
Congratulations! Family and loved ones, I now present to you the newly married couple. Let's hear it for 'em!"


End of the Wedding Ceremony.

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