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A Modern Humanist Handfasting Script

A stylized photo of a groom and bride holding hands in front of a wedding officiant minister and wedding arch. They are wearing ornate wedding clothes that are colorful and cheerful, with flowers on the arch.

This Modern Humanist Handfasting ceremony scripts is a great alternative to a traditional wedding. This ceremony includes detailed instructions on how to include pagan rituals in the handfasting ceremony. We encourage you to use this script as is or build on this script for a more personalized ceremony for the couple.

  1. If there is a conventional procession, this happens at the start of the ceremony.
  2. The couple and officiant stand at the front of the group. This can be indoors or outdoors, and the space can be decorated (or not) with fragrant flowers, photos, incense, candles, or any other meaningful items.
  3. The officiant greets the guests and announces the purpose of the day (engagement or wedding), introducing the couple by name.

The Handfasting Script

officiant to the gathering

"Hello all! Welcome, and thank you for joining us today to celebrate the handfasting of [PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B].

Handfasting is an age old symbol of strength and love, of continued commitment and steady devotion. It signifies a willingness and desire to grow alongside one another, facing each new day as a team. Drawing on individual strengths while learning to accept each other's help and support. It communicates the belief that together you will meet challenges you could never meet alone.

[PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B], you have taken this time to learn about each other, to let love grow stronger naturally and patiently, and to invest in one another fully. You've shared laughter and excitement, and met challenges with curiosity and joint efforts.

[PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B], you have both come here to become handfasted to one another. To pledge to yourselves and to your family and friends that you will continue to love and support one another, growing stronger together each day. Is this true?

  • The couple answers, either one at a time or in unison.


"[PARTNER A], will you share what you've prepared for [PARTNER B]."

  • Partner A reads or recites what they have prepared.


"[PARTNER A], will you share what you've prepared for [PARTNER B]."

  1. Partner B reads or recites what they've prepared.
  2. The officiant thanks the couple and asks them to exchange rings (if they're used).
  3. Next, the couple will clasp hands. Either one hand, side by side, or both hands, clasped left to right and right to left.
  4. The officiant will wrap the cord around the couples wrists, with the option of knotting the cord loosely, and then asks the couple to kiss or embrace.
  5. The officiant pronounces the couple handfasted (married, engaged, or partnered).

officiant to the gathering

"[PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B], I pronounce you handfasted and partners in this life. Thank you for sharing this day with us, and may this bond continue to strengthen the love you already feel for one another."

  1. The couple may embrace or kiss again, and the cord or ribbon is slipped off for safe keeping.
  2. A conventional ending to the wedding may follow, with the couple leaving together, and a reception and celebration or dinner with guests may follow.

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