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New! AMM's Handfasting Wedding Officiant Package

Published Wednesday, Dec. 1st, 2021

Enchanted beginnings, sweet symbolism, and modern simplicity. 


The magic of handfasting captured in one easy-to-use gift box!



“Hands clasped… they spoke of their love and commitment in turn, as the cord bound their hands, carefully sealing each new promise. With the blessings and love of their friends, they thanked each for their presence and leaned forward to kiss, the sounds of cheers and laughter rising around them.”

(from Handfasting: From Ancient Rituals to Modern Ceremonies)


Ah, the romance of the handfasting ritual!


Couples have been drawn to the handfasting ceremony for centuries because of its otherworldly beauty and heartfelt symbolism. The traditional handfasting recipe is simple: two sweethearts holding hands, surrounded by friends and family, joined together in lasting love by literally ‘tying the knot’ in a handfasting cord. 


From its origins in the mystical past of early Pagans, to the elegant wedding venues of today, whether it’s dressed up or dressed down, this unity ritual is still a perfect fit for any era and every love story. It’s a recipe for real magic that can be personalized for any couple. 


It’s this timelessness and versatility that inspired AMM to create a handfasting package infused with tradition and re-imagined for a brand new era! 

We’ve put everything you need for a handfasting into one easy-to-use gift box. 


An interior shot of the Handfasting Wedding Officiant package, showing two planning guide books, a handfasting cord, a sprig of lavender, illustrated instructions on how to tie a handfasting knot infinity knot, and an enamel pin

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Designed for wedding officiants and couples, this gift box contains everything needed to add a handfasting to your one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony. 


It’s packed with advice and planning tips, step-by-step instructions on performing a handfasting, a hand-woven handfasting cord, sample ceremony scripts, plus illustrated history and folklore from handfasting’s magical ancient origins. 


The gift box includes:



  • Handfasting: From Ancient Rituals to Modern Ceremonies


Cover image of Handfasting, an illustrated planning guide for a handfasting ceremony, with Pagan history and step by step instructions

Written and illustrated by AMM’s own Jessica Levey, this ‘how-to’ guide offers modern-day advice on performing and planning this ancient ritual. Inspired by love stories that reach far back into the misty origins of marriage, and filled with whimsical illustrations, Handfasting includes detailed sample scripts of what to say and do in a handfasting ceremony – along with an up-close look at the history, mythology, and present-day influences surrounding this Pagan rite. 


This artful planning guide also includes clear instructions on how to set up an altar, tie the ribbon, and invoke the mood (and spirits!) of the day, so that anyone can plan their very own handfasting celebration!


Interior illustrations from Handfasting

Illustrations from the Handfasting planning guide show what to say during the ceremony, 

and how to set up an authentic Pagan wedding altar.


  • Navigating Your Wedding Ceremony


With years of experience as an officiant, author Officiant Amber knows exactly what goes into creating exceptional wedding ceremonies that honor couples’ unique love stories. Navigating Your Wedding Ceremony covers everything from wedding day logistics, writing your own wedding vows, various unity rituals, to how and where to meet the right wedding vendors - and more. 




Navigating includes a complete Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist, How to Change Your Name guide, and Wedding Vendor Questions guide, helping couples gather and refer to vendor and budget details all in one place. Whether you’re planning your own one-of-a-kind wedding, or simply learning more about weddings and ceremony planning, this book will empower you to envision and plan a meaningful and unique celebration.


  • Rustic Handfasting Cord

Woven from natural hemp fiber twine in a chevron pattern with vibrant colors that evoke the bright and colorful history of handfasting itself, this handmade cord is ideal for any ceremony! 


Comes neatly bundled in a muslin pouch.

Cord measures 1” W x 72” L

A photograph of AMM's handmade handfasting cord, and a sprig of lavender, with a small cloth pouch 


  • "How to Tie an Infinity Knot" Illustration


This illustrated insert provides clear, step-by-step instructions on how to tie a handfasting cord using a decorative 'infinity knot.' Attractive and easy to read, these instructions are great for tucking into a wedding ceremony script or coat pocket for easy reference during the ceremony.


After the ceremony, display the cord in your home with the infinity knot as a symbol of your unending commitment, and a happy reminder of the wedding day.



  • Enamel Pin


One AMM lapel pin struck from jeweler's metal, with hard enamel colors and nickel finish.


Measures 1” x 1”


  • Lavender


A dried sprig of lavender is one of the many delightful and fragrant herbs that can add its own meaning to a handfasting ceremony. When used as part of ritual, lavender is said to symbolize serenity, love, devotion, and calmness -- all welcome ingredients on the wedding day.



  • AMM Canvas Tote Bag


Keep all of your precious handfasting literature and items in one place with our durable and resuable AMM canvas tote bag! 




Photo of the outside of the Handfasting kit. A white box with the AMM logo    A photo showing the inside of the AMM Handfasting kit, with an illustrated insert and script lettering

Custom packaging ensures your materials arrive in perfect condition.



AMM's Handfasting Wedding Officiant Package is ideal for engaged couples, inspired wedding officiants, and happily married partners that want a meaningful way to celebrate their love -- and will open the door to mist-shrouded lore and cosmic love from a long-forgotten age!








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