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17 "Handfasting" Category Articles

77 DAYS AGO | 12.6.2023

Cómo Amarrar el Cordón en un Handfasting -- El Nudo Infinito

Una Ceremonia de Unión de Manos, Handfasting! Cómo hacer un nudo infinito durante la ceremonia de su boda. Siga estos diez sencillos pasos ilustrados. Un sen...

116 DAYS AGO | 10.28.2023

5 Preguntas para Oficiar una Boda Wicca

¿Le han pedido que oficie una boda Wiccana o una ceremonia de handfasting? Aquí hay cinco preguntas que un oficiante de bodas siempre debe preguntarle a la p...

147 DAYS AGO | 9.27.2023

Cómo incluir "Handfasting" en su boda o Ceremonia de Renovación de Votos

Todo lo que necesita saber para añadir una ceremonia de "handfasting" a su boda o renovación de votos, incluyendo el simbolismo y el significado del ritual d...

198 DAYS AGO | 8.7.2023

Charmed Wedding Inspiration from Piper & Leo’s Midnight Wiccan Handfasting Ce...

Get inspired by this Midnight Wiccan Wedding Ceremony from the cult classic Charmed! Read Piper and Leo's wedding vows, see what supplies you'll need for you...

259 DAYS AGO | 6.7.2023

How to Include a Handfasting in Your Wedding Ceremony or Vow Renewal

Everything you need to know to add a handfasting ceremony to your wedding or vow renewal, including the symbolism and meaning of the handfast ritual, how to ...

537 DAYS AGO | 9.2.2022

Wiccan Wedding Spell – A Handfasting Love Spell

These Wiccan wedding vows cast a powerful spell of love and commitment. Use in place of traditional wedding vows in a Wiccan or other modern Pagan wedding ce...

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More Handfasting Articles

694 DAYS AGO | 3.29.2022

3 Easy Ways to Tie a Handfasting Cord - Choosing a Simple Knot

How to tie a handfasting knot during your wedding ceremony – 3 simple and easy alternatives to help you learn how to perform this timeless unity ritual. Insp...

695 DAYS AGO | 3.28.2022

Planning a handfasting wedding ceremony? This Quiz will test your knowledge!

Prepare for your handfasting ceremony and wedding day with American Marriage Ministries’ handfasting quiz! Plus links to our most popular handfasting article...

812 DAYS AGO | 12.1.2021

New! AMM's Handfasting Wedding Officiant Package

AMM’s new Handfasting Wedding Officiant Package is designed for couples and officiants, with everything needed to add this unique unity ritual to your weddin...

874 DAYS AGO | 9.30.2021

Add Magic to Your Second Ceremony with a ‘Year and a Day’ Handfasting

Combine the magic of the Celtic Year and a Day handfasting ritual with your sequel wedding or second ceremony! With links to wedding ceremony scripts, Pagan ...

882 DAYS AGO | 9.22.2021

NEW Product Announcement: Handfasting, From Ancient Rituals to Modern Ceremonies

Introducing our newest ceremony planning guide! A creative ‘how-to’ book that explores ancient Pagan traditions, the marriage rite, and how to add the magic ...

912 DAYS AGO | 8.23.2021

New Script Alert! A Vow Renewal Ceremony with Handfasting

New vow renewal script! Give your simple vow renewal ceremony a boost of beauty and symbolism by adding a handfasting. Perfect for an anniversary, sequel or ...

1077 DAYS AGO | 3.11.2021

New Script Alert! A Simple Handfasting Ceremony

New wedding script! Give your short, simple ceremony a boost of beauty and symbolism by adding a handfasting to your elopement, microwedding, minimony, or ot...

1103 DAYS AGO | 2.13.2021

How to Tie a Handfasting Cord -- The Infinity Knot

How to tie an infinity handfasting knot during your wedding ceremony! Follow these ten easy illustrated steps. Simple diagram with handfasting cord for a uni...

1234 DAYS AGO | 10.5.2020

Plan a Simple Wedding Ceremony With Inspiration from One Couple’s ‘Year and a...

Learn the parts of a handfasting wedding and Plan a handfasting ceremony using inspiration from a traditional Pagan ‘year and a day’ engagement.


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