Published: Monday, Mar. 28th, 2022

Planning a handfasting wedding ceremony? This Quiz will test your knowledge!

Handfasting is rooted in ancient Pagan wedding traditions and is becoming increasingly popular with modern couples every season! 


In this beautiful unity ceremony, a couple’s hands or wrists are tied together with decorative ribbons or a special handfasting cord to symbolize their deep spiritual bond and lasting promises. 


Couples literally ‘tie the knot’! 


Test your knowledge of the mystical history and meaning of this ancient celebration with AMM’s  handfasting quiz linked below.


Then, visit our blog to learn how to add a handfasting ceremony to your wedding of vow renewal – written for couples and wedding officiants! 



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This quiz includes questions about the symbolism of color in choosing a ribbon, the names of major Pagan holidays, the perfect length of a handfasting cord, and more. If you’re not an expert yet, you will be soon.


Take this quiz to prepare for your wedding day, and enjoy the magic! 



Stylized illustration of a handfasting ceremony being performed by a wedding officiant

Illustration by Jessica Levey

From the book Handfasting: From Ancient Rituals to Modern Ceremonies





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AMM's custom Handfasting Kit

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A product image of the AMM Handfasting wedding ceremony package


Say yes to magic and romance with one of the most exciting ceremony trends – the handfasting ceremony! 


This comprehensive handfasting kit is easy to use and comes with everything you'll need, including a copy of Handfasting, From Ancient Rituals to Modern Ceremonies, a copy of Navigating Your Wedding Ceremony, a hand-woven handfasting cord, a guide to tying an infinity knot, and more!  






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