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Dos novias sonríen y ríen durante una hermosa ceremonia de boda Wiccan al aire libre. Su amigo y el oficiante de la boda están al fondo, felices y sonrientes.

228 DAYS AGO | 10.28.2023

5 Preguntas para Oficiar una Boda Wicca

¿Le han pedido que oficie una boda Wiccana o una ceremonia de handfasting? Aquí hay cinco preguntas que un oficiante de bodas siempre debe preguntarle a la p...

Two brides smile and laugh during a beautiful outdoor Wiccan wedding ceremony. Their friend and a wedding officiant stand in the background, happy and smiling

244 DAYS AGO | 10.12.2023

5 Questions to Ask When Officiating a Wiccan Wedding

Asked to officiate a Wiccan wedding or handfasting ceremony? Here are five questions a wedding officiant should always ask the wedding couple before the cere...

Una foto de cerca muestra a una oficiante de boda con un vestido verde azulado mientras envuelve un cordón de unidad alrededor de las muñecas de los novios durante una ceremonia de ayuno de manos (handfasting)

259 DAYS AGO | 9.27.2023

Cómo incluir "Handfasting" en su boda o Ceremonia de Renovación de Votos

Todo lo que necesita saber para añadir una ceremonia de "handfasting" a su boda o renovación de votos, incluyendo el simbolismo y el significado del ritual d...

A woman holds up her hands while facing the rising sun, to call the corners and cast a magic circle for a Pagan wedding ritual. She wears a wreath of flowers in her hair and a flower-print dress. She is standing in a small field or opening in the forest, full of flowers, with trees along the horizon.

308 DAYS AGO | 8.9.2023

How to Call the Corners & Cast a Circle for a Wiccan Wedding Ceremony

Follow these simple instructions to call the four corners and cast a circle for a magical Wiccan wedding ceremony, including examples of what to say for wedd...

405 DAYS AGO | 5.4.2023

Magical Herbs for Your Wedding Ceremony, Handfasting, or Vow Renewal

Add a dash of magic to your marriage ceremony, handfasting, or vow renewal with this simple introduction to common herbs and botanicals. Believed by many to ...

511 DAYS AGO | 1.18.2023

Salt & Sage Love Smudge for a Lowkey Pagan Wedding Blessing

This original salt and sage ‘love smudge’ is the perfect ritual blessing for a lowkey Pagan wedding! Including directions on how to prepare the blend and cas...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

More Pagan Weddings Articles

551 DAYS AGO | 12.9.2022

6 Ways to Include a Sword in Your Wedding Ceremony

From unity ceremony to unique recessional, here are 6 creative ways to include a sword in your wedding ceremony. This list incudes a military saber arch, Vi...

594 DAYS AGO | 10.27.2022

Unique Unity Ceremony with Tarot Reading on Love & Marriage

Ask your wedding officiant to perform this simple 6 card spread, 2 person tarot reading for marriage advice, strengths and challenges in the relationship, an...

636 DAYS AGO | 9.15.2022

How to Include a Smudging Ritual in Your Wedding Ceremony (& Why You’d Want to)

A wedding smudge ceremony is a meaningful way to bless a marriage with lasting love, harmony, wisdom, protection, and good luck. Learn how to add a custom sm...

639 DAYS AGO | 9.12.2022

Wedding Smudge Stick Recipe - Sage, Sweetgrass, and Lavender

Use this simple recipe to make a sweet-smelling protective wedding smudge stick for your wedding’s smudging ceremony. This sacred combination of sage, sweetg...

649 DAYS AGO | 9.2.2022

Wiccan Wedding Spell – A Handfasting Love Spell

These Wiccan wedding vows cast a powerful spell of love and commitment. Use in place of traditional wedding vows in a Wiccan or other modern Pagan wedding ce...

694 DAYS AGO | 7.19.2022

New Script! A Vikings Themed Wedding Ceremony Script

This original Viking wedding ceremony script includes light Pagan wedding elements, an exchange of wedding bands / rings and vows (with optional sword exchan...

721 DAYS AGO | 6.22.2022

Pagan Wedding Blessings for Every Season and Ceremony

4 Pagan wedding blessing examples and sample scripts to help you personalize your own handfasting, marriage ceremony, or Year and a Day celebration. With sug...

804 DAYS AGO | 3.31.2022

Pagan Weddings: Ideas for Offerings to Gods and Ancestors

Pagan wedding ceremony ideas: A list of Pagan gods / goddesses and common offerings to use during the marriage ritual, including candle lighting, herbs, wine...

807 DAYS AGO | 3.28.2022

Planning a handfasting wedding ceremony? This Quiz will test your knowledge!

Prepare for your handfasting ceremony and wedding day with American Marriage Ministries’ handfasting quiz! Plus links to our most popular handfasting article...


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