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What to Do With A Purity Ring During Your Wedding Ceremony

Published Friday, May. 3rd, 2024

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How to incorporate a purity ring in your wedding ceremony: 5 sweet suggestions



Purity rings are controversial, and a lot of folks couldn’t imagine incorporating one into their wedding ceremony. But here at AMM, we’re not in the business of dictating such matters, and the question remains, what should you do with your purity ring on the wedding day? Do you take it off before the wedding ceremony? Switch it with the wedding band during the ceremony? Some secret third option? 


What should you do with your purity ring on the day of your wedding? 


First, both young men and young women choose to wear purity rings as part of their religious observance, so there might be two purity rings to think about on the wedding day! 


Purity rings became popular symbols of premarital sexual abstinence in the early 1990s, and are still worn by some Christians as a symbol of their virginity, values, and faith. These rings are most popular among Catholic and evangelical Christian denominations. They might be a simple metal band, or set with jewels or stones, similar to an engagement ring.


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Of course, what you do on the wedding day will depend on where you choose to wear your ring! Purity rings are most often worn on the ring-finger of the right hand, or on the ring-finger and middle finger of the left hand.


Below are five options to help inspire you. Remember, there are no right or wrong choices here. The best choice will be one that resonates most with you and your fiance. 


Talk with your minister, pastor, or wedding officiant for more guidance on how to incorporate your previous commitment to each other and God in the ceremony. 


Your officiant can help you choose just the right wording to acknowledge this past pledge, and the new commitments you’re making for your marriage. 


Need a wedding officiant? Ask a friend or relative to get ordained online to officiate your wedding! 



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5 Suggestions for incorporating a purity ring into your wedding ceremony 


1. Private ceremony before the wedding


One sweet option is to meet with your minister before your formal wedding ceremony to remove your purity ring/s. 


A few minutes before your wedding begins, you and your soon-to-be spouse can meet with your minister or officiant to say a few words about the journey you’ve taken to marriage. Honor God’s love in your lives, and the fact that you remained abstinent even when it was challenging. Then, remove your purity ring/s and place it in a special pouch or pocket in your wedding dress or suit to keep it close to you during the ceremony. 


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2. Quick switch during the wedding ring exchange


Some couples may feel that a purity ring should remain on a bride or groom’s finger until the moment their wedding ring is slipped on. 


If you wear your ring on your left ring finger (where the wedding band will go), your spouse can quickly switch it to the opposite hand during the wedding ceremony, and replace it with a wedding band. (This will happen during The Ring Exchange part of your ceremony, usually following an exchange of marriage vows.)


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3. Move your purity ring to the opposite hand before the ceremony 


If you wear your purity ring on your left hand (ring finger or middle finger), you might choose to move it to your right hand before the wedding ceremony. Because your wedding ring is placed on your left ring finger, this will ensure your purity ring is ‘out of the way’ before the formal marriage ring exchange. 


4. Place your purity ring on a chain around your neck


Another elegant solution is to wear your purity ring as a pendant the day of the wedding. Simply slide the ring onto a simple silver or gold chain as you get dressed for the ceremony, and keep it close to your heart as you walk down the aisle. (Men who don’t like the idea of wearing a necklace may choose to wear it on a watch chain instead.) This way, your ring and promise are part of your ceremony every step of the way!


5. Place your purity rings in a pouch on the wedding altar


Some couples may want to place their purity rings into a small satin pouch before the wedding ceremony, and place the pouch on the altar alongside candles, flowers, and other meaningful objects. This way, the rings will be present (but remain private!) during the ceremony. 




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