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15 DAYS AGO | 3.7.2023

Matelotage : Gay Marriage Among Pirates or Just a Business Partnership?

Learn about matelotage, which many believe to be an early form of gay marriage honored among pirates of the 1700s and 1800s. These legal civil unions bound t...

64 DAYS AGO | 1.17.2023

A Short History of the Marriage License & Common Law Marriages

Learn about the history of the marriage license and common law marriage in the U.S., from ancient rituals like handfasting, through the Middle Ages, to moder...

126 DAYS AGO | 11.16.2022

All About Quaker Wedding Traditions & Marriage ‘Under the Care of the Meeting’

Learn about common Quaker wedding ceremony traditions including how to get married without a wedding officiant in a self-uniting ritual, what it means to mar...

134 DAYS AGO | 11.8.2022

A Simple Guide to Nikah Traditions & Muslim Wedding Words

A simple introduction to popular Nikah traditions and words you're likely to hear when planning or attending a Muslim wedding ceremony for the first time, in...

188 DAYS AGO | 9.15.2022

How to Include a Smudging Ritual in Your Wedding Ceremony (& Why You’d Want to)

A wedding smudge ceremony is a meaningful way to bless a marriage with lasting love, harmony, wisdom, protection, and good luck. Learn how to add a custom sm...

191 DAYS AGO | 9.12.2022

Wedding Smudge Stick Recipe - Sage, Sweetgrass, and Lavender

Use this simple recipe to make a sweet-smelling protective wedding smudge stick for your wedding’s smudging ceremony. This sacred combination of sage, sweetg...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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201 DAYS AGO | 9.2.2022

Wiccan Wedding Spell – A Handfasting Love Spell

These Wiccan wedding vows cast a powerful spell of love and commitment. Use in place of traditional wedding vows in a Wiccan or other modern Pagan wedding ce...

208 DAYS AGO | 8.26.2022

A Christian House Blessing Prayer to Protect & Celebrate Your New Home

An original Christian house blessing prayer used to bless and protect a new home, or to honor a new stage in life, such as following a wedding or marriage ce...

209 DAYS AGO | 8.25.2022

All About House Blessing Traditions

House Blessing rituals have been around for thousands of years and show up in most cultures and faith traditions. Learn about the various ways people bless n...

215 DAYS AGO | 8.19.2022

Catholic Wedding Readings for Your Ceremony (& How to Include Them)

Choose from these common Catholic wedding readings to personalize your religious wedding ceremony script. These scripture readings taken from the Old & New T...

239 DAYS AGO | 7.26.2022

Eastern Orthodox Wedding Ceremony Traditions & Symbolism

Learn about unique Eastern Orthodox wedding traditions and the meaning of these ancient symbolic rituals, with a detailed description of the traditional Orth...

247 DAYS AGO | 7.18.2022

How to Include the Wedding Lasso Tradition in Your Ceremony

Learn about this beautiful unity ceremony, traditionally part of Hispanic and Filipino Catholic wedding ceremonies. The wedding lasso, or ‘el lazo de boda,’ ...

254 DAYS AGO | 7.11.2022

Greek Orthodox Weddings: From Koumbaroi to Holy Crowns and the Common Cup

Learn about Greek Orthodox Weddings ritual and traditions, from the stefana wedding crown ceremony, to blessings in threes, unique prayers and psalms, Koumba...

294 DAYS AGO | 6.1.2022

What is a Nikah Ceremony? Intro to the Muslim Marriage Ceremony

Learn about the Muslim marriage ceremony tradition - the nikkah or nikah ceremony – and how this traditional religious Islamic wedding custom compares to the...

327 DAYS AGO | 4.29.2022

How to Perform a Unity Candle Ceremony (for Wedding Officiants)

Want to plan or perform a unity candle ceremony for your wedding? Learn about supplies, how to set up the table, what to say and do, and considerations for a...


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