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432 DAYS AGO | 7.18.2022

How to Include the Wedding Lasso Tradition in Your Ceremony

Learn about this beautiful unity ceremony, traditionally part of Hispanic and Filipino Catholic wedding ceremonies. The wedding lasso, or ‘el lazo de boda,’ ...

439 DAYS AGO | 7.11.2022

Greek Orthodox Weddings: From Koumbaroi to Holy Crowns and the Common Cup

Learn about Greek Orthodox Weddings ritual and traditions, from the stefana wedding crown ceremony, to blessings in threes, unique prayers and psalms, Koumba...

479 DAYS AGO | 6.1.2022

What is a Nikah Ceremony? Intro to the Muslim Marriage Ceremony

Learn about the Muslim marriage ceremony tradition - the nikkah or nikah ceremony – and how this traditional religious Islamic wedding custom compares to the...

512 DAYS AGO | 4.29.2022

How to Perform a Unity Candle Ceremony (for Wedding Officiants)

Want to plan or perform a unity candle ceremony for your wedding? Learn about supplies, how to set up the table, what to say and do, and considerations for a...

536 DAYS AGO | 4.5.2022

The Wedding Bouquet Toss: What it Means (and What to Avoid)

Learn the symbolism and meaning that have made the wedding bouquet toss one of the most popular wedding traditions for centuries, including the custom's Engl...

562 DAYS AGO | 3.10.2022

Ghost Marriages – When ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Isn’t Enough

3 modern examples of ghost marriage and the haunting history of marrying the dead, including posthumous marriage in China, France, and the Mormon Church her...

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597 DAYS AGO | 2.3.2022

The Twisted History of Valentine’s Day

Curious how America’s most romantic holiday got its start? AMM takes a look back at the bloody and uncertain history of Valentine’s Day, from pagans, Popes, ...

646 DAYS AGO | 12.16.2021

Scientology Weddings: From Intergalactic Spiritual Beings to Exchanging Rings

Take a look inside the Scientologist wedding ceremony, including the unique wedding vows, belief in immortal spiritual life, the ARC triangle and double ring...

666 DAYS AGO | 11.26.2021

The Wedding Ring Finger - Which Finger, Which Hand, and Why!

Wondering “Which finger does a wedding ring go on,” and why? Learn what hand a wedding ring goes on and the romantic history of the ring finger, from the Egy...

670 DAYS AGO | 11.22.2021

‘Naming Ceremonies’ at Any Stage of Life: How Celebrants Create Space for Aut...

Learn about the Naming Ceremony tradition for adults at any stage of life, and how Celebrants and Officiants create space for authentic identity through this...

682 DAYS AGO | 11.10.2021

Nobel Prize winner Malala gets married! Plus a look at the Nikah Ceremony

Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala married Asser Malik this week. See photos from the couple’s wedding and learn about the Muslim Nikah (nikkah) ceremony and Is...

688 DAYS AGO | 11.4.2021

Signing the Ketubah - All About the Jewish Wedding Contract

Learn about the ketubah signing ceremony, traditional and modern Jewish wedding contracts, how ketubah reading takes the place of wedding vows, options for m...

702 DAYS AGO | 10.21.2021

Red Wedding Dresses: Symbolism and Modern Meanings

Considering a red wedding dress? Learn the meaning behind this bold, exciting, fashionable ceremony statement, with modern inspiration from ancient myths and...

710 DAYS AGO | 10.13.2021

Wiccaning Ceremony - A Guide to Welcoming a New Witch

A ‘wiccaning’ is the deeply joyful ritual celebration of welcoming a new Pagan into a spiritual community, with a promise and blessing to protect them agains...

712 DAYS AGO | 10.11.2021

Norse Runes for Wedding Altars, Rings, and Invitations - The Full Elder Futha...

The ancient magic of Norse runes is used in Viking weddings and other Pagan weddings and handfastings as blessing and protection. Add these runes from the El...


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