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616 DAYS AGO | 9.30.2021

Add Magic to Your Second Ceremony with a ‘Year and a Day’ Handfasting

Combine the magic of the Celtic Year and a Day handfasting ritual with your sequel wedding or second ceremony! With links to wedding ceremony scripts, Pagan ...

623 DAYS AGO | 9.23.2021

Italian Wedding Traditions - From Warding Off the Evil Eye at Your Ceremony t...

Include one of these 14 Italian wedding traditions and superstitions in your marriage ceremony or reception! From warding off the evil eye and other supersti...

657 DAYS AGO | 8.20.2021

Historic Groome Church splits from UMC over LGBTQ marriage and ordination

Delaware’s Groome Church leaves United Methodist Church over the denomination’s discrimination toward LGBTQ+ individuals, and UMC’s ban of same-sex marriage ...

659 DAYS AGO | 8.18.2021

The Black Umbrella - A Hmong Wedding Tradition

Learn about the symbolism and meaning of the black umbrella in Hmong weddings, the siv ceeb, mej koob, and other interesting details about the traditional ma...

665 DAYS AGO | 8.12.2021

What Does a Chuppah Symbolize? A Look at the Jewish Wedding Canopy

Learn about the symbolism of the chuppah, the traditional Jewish wedding canopy, and its place within modern Jewish marriage ceremonies.

668 DAYS AGO | 8.9.2021

The Javanese Siraman Wedding Ritual - An Illustrated Look

An illustrated guide to the Javanese Siraman Ceremony of Central Java, Indonesia. Learn about this traditional custom involving flower water, bathing, and sp...

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678 DAYS AGO | 7.30.2021

How to Baptize Someone (and Why They Might Ask You To)

Learn about baptism, including how to baptize someone in water, its meaning in Christianity, answers to common questions, who can perform baptism, and exampl...

685 DAYS AGO | 7.23.2021

Spiritual Bathing - Performing Ritual Baths for Yourself & Others

Spiritual baths and ritual bathing have been used by cultures and faiths throughout history, including Hindus, Christians, and Pagans. Learn to prepare and p...

695 DAYS AGO | 7.13.2021

‘Love Prevails’ LGBT group quits United Methodist Church in bold move

LGBTQ+ activist group Love Prevails departs the United Methodist Church in an open letter to the UMC, followed by the retirement of influential pastor Rev. A...

701 DAYS AGO | 7.7.2021

An Intro to Interfaith & Interspiritual Wedding Ceremonies

Learn about the similarities and differences between Interfaith and Interspiritual beliefs, and how these concepts apply to wedding ceremonies.

780 DAYS AGO | 4.19.2021

After a year of living life online, do distinctions like ‘online church’ even...

How designations like ‘online church’ and ‘online ordination’ have changed after a year of connecting with loved ones and communities online, Zoom, and Skype...

787 DAYS AGO | 4.12.2021

When Pagans Wed: Modern Paganism & the Wedding Ritual

Sacred circles, handfasting unity candles, and feasting -- learn what to expect at a modern Pagan or Neopagan wedding ceremony, including marriage rites of W...

791 DAYS AGO | 4.8.2021

Pagan Wedding Altars : An Illustrated Look at a Year and a Day Altar

Magic, love, & symbolism come together on a Pagan wedding altar. Learn some of the most common items you can expect, using a Wiccan Year and a Day ritual as ...

792 DAYS AGO | 4.7.2021

Weddings for the Dead -- A look at Mormon posthumous sealings and proxy baptisms

Mormon priests perform marriages and baptisms for dead ancestors to give their souls a place in the afterlife. Learn more about these rites, including proxy ...

794 DAYS AGO | 4.5.2021

New Gallup poll shows church membership is down dramatically -- And we know why

A new Gallup poll shows US church membership is lower than ever, below 50 percent in 2020. The largest contributor cited was a lack of religious preference o...


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