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A Christian House Blessing Prayer to Protect & Celebrate Your New Home

Published Friday, Aug. 26th, 2022

An original House Blessing prayer and ceremony to celebrate and bless your new home



Christian house blessing rituals are practiced by many to cleanse a home, and to welcome in warmth, love, and joy. Prayers are offered to ask for God's protection and care, and for continued comfort and guidance for all who live there. 


House blessings are performed by either the home’s residents themselves, a close friend or relative, or by a specially qualified practitioner, such as a spiritual elder or minister. 




If you’ve been asked to officiate a Christian house blessing for the first time, or would like to bless your own home, the prayer and ceremony outlined below may serve as a good starting point. 



This original house blessing prayer was written by experienced certified liturgist and AMM Minister Jody Serey. Use it as it's written, or combine your favorite portions with other scripture readings and prayers to create your own original personal ceremony. 


The accompanying ‘Bread, Salt, and Wine’ blessing can be performed privately, or as part of a community housewarming celebration. If you wish, invite close friends, family members, and new neighbors to join you. After the ceremony, we invite you to laugh, dance, sip wine, break bread, and ‘break in’ your new home with friendships old and new.




friends raise a toast at a table during a house blessing ceremony

A 'bread, salt, and wine' blessing can turn an ordinary house blessing ceremony into a joyful housewarming with friends and family 


Christian House Blessing Prayer Ceremony 

Sample Script & Outline

Written by Jody Serey



Officiant / Reader: 


"Blessed are You who created joy and gladness, love and beloved, mirth and song, pleasure and delight, love, peace, and friendship.

Blessed are you who made the light and caused it to shine upon the earth.


This house will be the home of those who love you. For the years You will keep watch, we thank you. Please lay straight the path that lies before the ones who fill its rooms, and let their journey lead to peace and happiness.


We ask You to bless this house.


Stay close to the ones who live under its roof, and sleep within its walls. We ask your blessing on the faces yet to press closely to the windows in hello and goodbye, and to the hands and the hearts that will find their purpose here.


Bless them all, and keep them safe.
Bless them all, and give them comfort.
Bless them all, and let happiness reach their doorway.
Be their shelter when they are at home,
their companion when they are away,
and their welcome guest when they return.


Bless this home and all who will be here. Fill this dwelling with peace, prosperity, health, happiness, harmony and love. Turn aside or cast out whatever might linger to cast shadows in the light, or bring trouble to the soul. 
Let this space shine with divine light and beauty and provide a warm haven from the world. May only beings that are kind-hearted and well-intentioned enter here. May nature’s spirits feel welcome and live in harmony. May all who enter here leave as beloved friends."




Officiant / Reader:


"May the path that leads to this front door
Be blessed with peace for evermore.
And every room be filled with love
That comes from God who dwells above.


May strife and want find no place here,
And darkness only make a mirror
Of sunlight born inside the soul
Of each whose life has been made whole.


God grant that when this door is wide
It opens from the ones inside
To friends who strangers may have been
But nevermore will be again.


And may the home in which we rise
Be sacred always in our eyes.
So when the night comes with its rest,
We bless the One by Whom we’re blessed."



Blessing With Bread, Salt, and Wine


Officiant, Family, and Friends:


"We bring this loaf to the door, so that this house will never know hunger and its family will never know fear. [loaf is raised up in front of closed door]


We offer this salt, so that life within these walls will have flavor and be seasoned with love. [pinch of salt is sprinkled in front of door]


We bring a gift of wine so that there will always be joy 
instead of thirst, and a cup to share with neighbors. [glass of wine is raised up] 


We ask that friends outnumber foes, and the harvest holds back the famine. 


[Bread and wine may be passed to ones who have gathered to be shared. If desired, the ceremonial salt may also be passed and a few grains sprinkled on the bread.]


Bless all who enter here, and grant them peace.


As for us and this house, we will serve the Lord. 








Wait, why are we talking about house blessings on American Weddings?


We spend a lot of time talking about wedding ceremonies here on the American Weddings blog. This makes sense... Wedding ceremonies (and wedding officiants) are awesome! And they’re our primary focus and passion. 


But AMM Ministers don’t just marry people. When they choose to, their roles can extend much further, supporting their communities in important ways and celebrating many different moments and milestones in life. This deserves to be highlighted! 


Ordination through American Marriage Ministries gives our ministers all of the same rights and protections held by ministers ordained through traditional brick-and-mortar churches.


As an AMM Minister (or Reverend, Pastor, or Officiant, whatever title you choose), your right to conduct religious ceremonies of all forms is protected by the religious non-establishment clause of the first amendment. While many of our ministers only conduct wedding ceremonies, others also conduct baptisms, funerals, baby blessings, naming ceremonies, house blessings, and other meaningful rites. 


Learn more about what it means to be an AMM Minister by visiting our FAQ page. 



Jessica Levey
Jessica Levey

Lead Staff Writer & Illustrator

Jessica loves exploring the history and magic of ritual, the connections between people and places, and sharing true stories about love and commitment. She's an advocate for marriage equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and individuality, and is an ordained Minister with AMM. When she’s not writing or illustrating for AMM, she enjoys city hikes, fantasy novels, comics, and traveling.

Jody Serey
Jody Serey

Guest Contributor

Jody Serey has made the desert Southwest her home since the Carter administration. Originally from Indiana, she grew up in a family of English professors. Jody has been a writer of one persuasion or another her entire professional career. She and husband David have worked as a creative team for more than 45 years. Originally trained as a liturgist, Jody has served as a multi-denominational officiant for decades. She now owns and operates Spirit & Light, an officiant services business located in central Arizona, specializing in custom wedding ceremonies, funerals, baby blessings, house blessings, and many other occasions of remembrance.

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