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Can I Perform Other Ceremonies Such as Baptisms and Funerals?

Yes. As an AMM Minister your right to conduct religious ceremonies of all forms is protected by the religious non-establishment clause of the first amendment. Keep in mind that officiating weddings is the only rite that also involves a legal government component, completing the marriage license.

Regarding any other religious rites such as Baptisms and Funerals we ask that you be respectful of the customs pertaining to those rites.

Conducting Baptisms

If you are considering performing Baptisms you may want to seek additional ordination and training beyond what we offer. There are many different forms, traditions, and spiritual interpretations of Baptisms going back thousands of years.

Modern American forms of Baptisms are conducted differently depending on the religious denomination. Baptist Churches administer training and certification specific to conducting this rite according to the tenets of their faith. Other Christian denominations have their own traditions, such as the Anabaptists, Methodists, Catholics, and so forth.

Other religious communities, such as denominations of the Muslim faith do not practice Baptisms but have their own equivalents in the form of the Adhan and Iqama. Jewish communities practice the tradition of the Tvilah that is analogous to Christian Baptisms, though much more ancient.

Before performing Baptisms we ask that you do your research and seek additional training. As our name suggests, American Marriage Ministries focus is on enabling people to conduct weddings. We think it is wonderful for those AMM ministers who seek to expand their religious horizons. However in doing so, do your research and be respectful of the religious traditions you are invoking when conducting Baptisms.

Conducting Funerals

When conducting funerals we ask that you approach this with the same degree of deference and respect. Unlike wedding ceremonies, funerals do not involve any legal responsibilities on behalf of the person conducting the rite. There are no government registration requirements or any paperwork to sign.

Funerals are purely about the deceased individual, their family, and surrounding community. As with Baptisms, we ask that you do your research, seek proper training, and be respectful of the values and traditions of the communities you are serving.

Conducting Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows a rite that we are better equipped to help you with. Renewal of Vows ceremonies are almost identical to wedding ceremonies with one important difference. There are no legal components to a Renewal of Vows ceremony.

Conducting a Renewal of Vows ceremony is just like a wedding ceremony. The wording is slightly different and generally includes a recognition of the years the married couple has spent together. There is no legal paperwork to sign however, such as a marriage license. Renewal of Vows ceremonies are purely a private function between the couple, their family, and surrounding community.


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