AMM Frequently Asked Questions


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How Do I Become Ordained Online?

You can become an ordained minister to officiate wedding ceremonies by simply completing our Ordination Application.

Our ordination is free and open to people of all backgrounds and sexual orientations. All that we ask is that you behave honestly and with respect and integrity when conducting yourself in the capacity as an AMM minister.

As an AMM Minister, you can perform a wedding anywhere in the United States as long as you are in compliance with local minister regulations.

Whether or not there are any steps after getting ordained depends on the state where the ceremony is taking place. In most states, you can perform marriage as soon as you are ordained, but it is important to know that some states require ministers to first register with a government office. Visit our State Minister Regulations page to learn what the laws are in the state where you intend to perform marriage.

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  11. How Do I Become Ordained Online?
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  14. How Do I Get Ordained Online?
  15. Does an online church need to be a 501(c)3 recognized organization for the ordination to be valid?
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Become a Wedding Officiant with Our Free Online Ordination!