Published: Friday, Jul. 17th, 2020

Getting Ordained and Performing Marriage in Different States: How does it work?

For all the inquiring AMM Ministers on the go, we have excellent news: your ordination is recognized in the entire United States regardless of where you live!


That’s right. You can officiate a wedding anywhere in the United States as long as you are in compliance with local minister regulations. Think of it kind of like driving… once you have permission (ie, your license) to drive, you are good to go ahead and drive anywhere else in the United States. You can cross those state lines and still legally drive – as long as you are abiding by each state’s different speed limits and rules, of course.


It’s the same with your ordination. Once you’re ordained with us, you have the authority to officiate marriage anywhere in the country. But first, you have to make sure you are following any local minister registration regulations in the state where you’ll be performing marriage. Some states will require wedding officiants to register with a local government office before performing marriage, so you’ll want to start researching your minister registration requirements sooner than later so that there are no hiccups or delays!


So once you’ve performed your sister's ceremony in Hawaii (where you do have to register first, fyi!), there’s nothing stopping you from marrying your best college pals once you’re back home sweet home in, say, Nebraska. And if you're an AMM Minister with your sights set on becoming a professional traveling wedding officiant - there's no reason you can't officiate from coast to coast!


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