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Why being carbon-neutral is still a priority for American Marriage Ministries in 2020

Published Tuesday, Jul. 14th, 2020

With everything that’s happening around us, we’ve had to reconsider our priorities as individuals, and as an organization, but one priority that is unchanged is our commitment to carbon neutrality. In fact, from COVID-19 to the struggle for social and economic equality, the importance of addressing climate change is greater than ever before, and American Marriage Ministries is proud of our partnership with, which allows us to offset our carbon footprint while still serving a nationwide network of wedding officiants. 
Climate change is the single most important challenge facing our species, and without meaningful change (and sacrifice) infectious diseases and inequality will only become more pronounced. We can't address one without the other.
While we are committed to justice on all accounts, future generations won’t benefit if they are unable to breathe the air, or drink the water. Studies have shown that climate change drives social and economic inequality, which underscored the importance of our efforts to save the planet. As an organization that is committed to marriage equality, and leaving the world a better place than we found it, offsetting our carbon footprint is crucial, and we appreciate's assistance.
We reached out to Linda Kelly, Vice President of Partnerships, who told us that, “The team at continues to be so appreciative of organizations like American Marriage Ministries that have remained committed to maintaining carbon neutral operations as a priority, even during these challenging times. Environmental preservation is part of social and economic justice for all of us, and we encourage other organizations to follow the leadership shown by American Marriage Ministries and all of our business partners.”
While we would normally use this space to talk about wedding ceremonies, it’s important to also connect these moments to the world around us. Weddings are a unique opportunity for couples to share their values with their community, and we hope that preserving the planet for future generations is a part of that story.

Lewis King
Lewis King

Lewis is AMM's executive director. He also wears other hats at AMM, like taking out the recycling, restocking the sparkling water, and watering the office plants.

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