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567 DAYS AGO | 9.28.2022

These compostable wedding rings gave us a fun ceremony idea…

We love eco-friendly weddings and vow renewal ceremonies! So naturally, we were inspired by news of a unique line of compostable rings created by environment...

727 DAYS AGO | 4.21.2022

7 Eco Friendly Wedding Ideas Inspired by Earth Day

Get married in an environmentally friendly wedding ceremony! Show your love for each other and the planet to combat climate change with these 5 eco consciou...

1083 DAYS AGO | 4.30.2021

How to Add a Tree Planting Ceremony to Your Wedding

Celebrate your bond with a tree planting ceremony! This unique unity ritual can be adapted to any theme or location, even indoor ceremonies, by using housepl...

1091 DAYS AGO | 4.22.2021

AMM is Carbon Neutral and Proud

American Marriage Ministries remains carbon neutral as we head into a new year of weddings and opportunity. Protecting our environment is essential, and clim...

Illustration of a wedding officiant performing a wedding ceremony, reading from an open book with the officiant script inside. Behind her is an illustrated design of flowers on a green background representing nature

1091 DAYS AGO | 4.22.2021

Eco-Friendly Wedding Officiants -- How to Keep Weddings Green From Behind the...

Eco-friendly weddings aren’t just for Earth Day! Wedding officiants can help keep ceremonies green every day, with these behind the scenes business and cerem...

1139 DAYS AGO | 3.5.2021

Plan and Officiate a Spring Equinox Wedding with Community Flower Ceremony

Love is in the air! Celebrate with a Spring Equinox wedding that’s brimming with colorful flowers and loving friends.

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More Eco Friendly Weddings Articles

1330 DAYS AGO | 8.26.2020

ELOPE: An illustrated guide to an eco-friendly & empowered alternative weddin...

Eloping can be an eco friendly and empowered alternative to postponing your wedding, an illustrated guide to eloping.

1330 DAYS AGO | 8.26.2020

ELOPE: An illustrated guide to an eco-friendly & empowered alternative weddin...

Part 2 of how Eloping can be an eco-friendly & empowered alternative to postponing your wedding—an illustrated guide to eloping.

1373 DAYS AGO | 7.14.2020

Why being carbon-neutral is still a priority for American Marriage Ministries...

American Marriage Ministries continues its carbon free pledge and partnership with because climate change remains a critical challenge that we...

1839 DAYS AGO | 4.5.2019

Attn Couples: Have You Considered an Eco-Friendly Wedding?

Having an eco-friendly wedding is easier than you think. We've got tips that will make it easy to have a carbon neutral wedding.


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