Published: Friday, Apr. 5th, 2019

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Attn Couples: Have You Considered an Eco-Friendly Wedding?

Eco wedding

Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable. But what does that actually mean? While that depends on the couple, we sometimes equate “memorable” with “big,” which often translates into “carbon intensive.” That’s why it’s important to talk about eco-friendly weddings, because having an eco-friendly wedding is easier than you think!


More couples than every are saying that they want to avoid leaving a large carbon footprint. With Climate Change on everyone’s mind, couples are looking for ways to celebrate without screwing over the polar bears in Antarctica. (We’re going to plug Netflix’s new show Our Planet here, go watch it!)


A big trend on Etsy is sustainable wedding items. In the past four months, there were 107,000 searches for environmentally safe products such as reusable straws, biodegradable confetti and vintage decor.


A fun and easy way to reduce the amount of manufactured material used is putting the menu on chalkboards instead of paper menus for each guest. It’s really that simple. Now take that idea and run with it...


your wedding is happening somewhere down here...


According to Etsy’s trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, “It’s all about making smart decisions during wedding planning and opting for a green approach that will not only save the couple money, but also make them feel a little better about their impact on the planet.”


Using a caterer that specializes in locally grown food is another way for couples to plan a more eco-friendly ceremony. Bethany Pickard of Modern Kicks Event Planning said “It’s really an opportunity to have incredibly fresh and seasonal ingredients while also lowering the environmental impact overall.” Good food that makes you feel good.



At American Marriage Ministries, we’re committed to working towards a cleaner, safer planet. We partnered with to become a certified carbon neutral organization. The carbon emissions associated with your online ordination and ell carbon emissions associated with running our organization have been offset by forestry planting, energy efficiency, and investments in renewable energy.



If you’re interested in going carbon neutral, offers carbon offsets for events like weddings that you can purchase. If you are inviting less than 250 guests, you can purchase a full carbon offset for only $75.00. Folks will appreciate the sentiment, and feel much better about their flight/drive to the event.


If you’ve officanted an eco-friendly wedding or have tips on how to plan one, send them to daniel [at] theamm [dot] org for us to share in our newsletter and on social media.


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