Published: Thursday, Mar. 4th, 2021

Would You Perform a Wedding in Space?

Cover image taken from "SpaceX Starship and The Voyager Rotating Space Station" informational video, via

by Jessica Levey



This question is not as crazy as it sounds… not since the world’s first space hotel was announced to be opening in 2027. 


Yep, wedding officiants, vendors, and hospitality professionals of all kinds can now daydream about what it’d be like to do their job while orbiting Earth, hundreds of miles above the surface of the planet. Talk about a commute! 


Voyager Station, the orbiting starship designed much like a cruise ship, was first hinted at in 2019. After a few delays, it’s projected that construction will begin in earnest in 2026. The cosmic cruise ship will feature restaurants, bars, entertainment options, and luxury guest suites, much like today’s oceanic varieties.  


And because love and adventure go hand in hand, you can bet that space weddings won’t be far behind! Couples will no doubt be drawn to the concept, with in-orbit elopements and ceremonies followed by a honeymoon like no other! 


You can read more background on Voyager Station, including quotes from Tim Alatorre, the senior design architect on the project, in this article by Francesca Street for CNN Travel. 



image of a luxury villa on a space hotel, with people standing around looking out portals with earth in the distance, via Voyager Station

Rendering of a luxury villa aboard the space hotel, via VoyagerStation



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