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Raven-Symoné and Cardi B make LGBTQ+ wedding dreams come true on Cardi Tries - Read the full ceremony script!

Published Sunday, Oct. 10th, 2021

Cardi and Raven, screenshot from Cardi Tries

Raven-Symoné and Cardi B surprised two brides with a beautiful pop up wedding on the most recent episode of Cardi Tries in celebration of National Coming Out Day. 


The two stars even participated in the ceremony itself! 


Cardi acted as wedding officiant, saying, "It’s not only a special day for you guys, but it’s a special day for me, and I want to thank you for making me a part of your beautiful journey." 


Raven also played an important role, as the couple’s stylish wedding planner and ring bearer, helping the brides with wedding dresses and decor and assisting with the ring exchange. 


Guests had been told they were attending a private engagement party, but ended up cheering on a surprise wedding with a national audience!



Bride Brandi surprises guests at an outdoor wedding ceremony officiated by Cardi B

Bride Brandi surprising the guests, screenshot from Cardi Tries



Cardi said she was “officinated” just for the special occasion -- and you can be too! 


Get ordained online with American Marriage Ministries (aka ‘officinated’) to become an ordained minister and wedding officiant, and perform marriage for your friends and relatives.


After the ceremony, the brides tossed their bouquets and Cardi caught one... Maybe she'll have a big second wedding ceremony, something she mentions she wishes she'd had earlier in the episode. Sequel weddings are trending this year, after all! 


Get the full scoop in this episode of Cardi Tries. 





Read the full wedding ceremony script / transcript below:



Invocation and Welcome


Cardi to guests:

Thank you all for being here, everybody. 

We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Brandi Taylor and Shannon Herbert. 
I know this ceremony is a surprise to everyone, especially to you Shannon…


Vow Exchange


Cardi to couple:

Ladies, would you like to say anything to each other? 


I have something written, I don’t know if she has something written?


Shannon to guests: 
She surprised me, so I didn’t have anything written…


Shannon, I take you to be my wife, my partner, and my teammate in life and in love. I will cherish our union, and love you more each day than I did before. I will trust and respect you, laugh and cry with you, and love you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I promise to encourage and inspire you, and always hold you in the highest regard. I can’t wait for us to grow together, be there for each other, in our successes and our failures. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, for all the days of my  life. I love you. 


I can’t top that! She surprised me, ya’ll! Brandi, the love that I have for you, I cannot put into words. I used to tell my dad, ‘I love you this much’ (opens arms wide), and if I could stretch my arms even farther, this would be for you. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anybody else but you, I love us together, I love our growth, I love where we’re going, and I can’t wait to do this with you, baby. 


(Tip for officiants: When your couple writes their own vows, ask to hear them separately before the ceremony to protect the surprise. Offer insight as needed, to ensure that the vows are of similar tone and length.)



Ring Exchange and Declaration of Intent


Cardi to guests: 
I know that’s right! Now, the couple will exchange the rings as a symbol of their love. We’re going to get the rings by a special friend of mine, that I admire so much, and that’s been a part of this process. Raven? 


(Raven steps in from the side, carrying the rings. The brides take their rings)


Cardi to Brandi:  
Now do you Brandi, take Shannon, to be your wife? 


I do.  


(Places ring on Shannon’s finger)


Cardi to Shannon:  
Do you Shannon, take Brandi, to be your wife?



I do. I do, I do!


(Places ring on Brandi’s finger)





Cardi to couple, to guests: 

Then by the power vested in me, by the State of California and my online course, I now pronounce you wife and wife! You may now kiss the bride. It’s an honor for me to introduce The Herberts!


(Cheers and a kiss!)



The brides walk down the aisle with their bouquets

Shannon (left) and Brandi (right) with their wedding bouquets,

screenshot from Cardi Tries




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