Published: Tuesday, Sep. 28th, 2021

Minister ID Cards - What they’re used for, Where to get one, and Why you might need one

If you’ve ever wondered “How do I get a Clergy ID?” or found yourself at a wedding ceremony without your ordained minister ID number, this article is for you. 



Ordained Minister ID Cards, also called Clergy Identification Cards, are professionally made cards that can be easily slipped into a wallet, pocket, or clear lanyard card holder, making it easy for others to recognize your role as an ordained minister.


We live in a society where we encounter thousands of strangers each year, and identifiers like AMM’s Ordained Minister ID Cards help us signal to people who might not know us what our qualifications are, what our values are, and what business we’re about. It’s another way of showing the world that you’re passionate about celebrating love and building community!


ID cards are similar to clergy badges but they serve additional purposes.


Here’s a quick breakdown of what minister cards are -- and aren’t -- used for, where to get one, and why you might need one. 


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What minister cards are used for and why you might need one 


  • Ordained minister cards convey a sense of professionalism and care when worn or carried to wedding ceremonies, funerals, baby blessings, baptisms, and other rites and rituals, and make it easy for guests to recognize you in a crowd. 


  • Minister identification is frequently required when visiting hospitals and other medical facilities to perform rites and counseling as a member of the clergy, or when visiting a prison to perform a marriage ceremony.


  • ID cards contain important information that’s vital to identify a minister on the move, such as your title, name, the name of the church with which you’re ordained, and your ordination date. AMM’s Minister Wallet ID cards also display your minister ID or license number, making it easy to reference when filling out a marriage license and other documents as you move from wedding to wedding. 


  • Like clergy identification badges, ID cards can be proudly worn using a clear lanyard card holder or lapel clip. (But unlike badges, which are sometimes awkwardly sized, cards fit easily into your wallet.)


  • ID cards fit easily into your wallet, purse, or suit pocket for safe-keeping, so that you’re never without yours when you need it most. Because many ministers choose to frame and display their ordination credentials in their home or workspace, ID cards are a convenient and necessary credential-on-the-go.  




What minister cards aren’t used for 


  • Minister ID cards do not take the place of your Ordination Certificate or Letter of Good Standing when registering as an ordained minister in your state. You’ll still need copies of those credentials in order to officiate weddings in states that require registration or licensing, or when confirming your ordination with a government agency or department. You can order AMM Minister credentials here


  • Ordained minister cards are not government issued IDs. Instead, they are issued and honored by the church with which you’re ordained. (Like AMM!)


  • On a similar note: In the same way that clergy badges aren’t legal ordination credentials, clergy parking passes aren’t legal parking permits. You may see them available in other places online, but be warned: Your local parking enforcement will only recognize permits and passes issued by your city or county. That’s why AMM doesn’t sell them, and just like our Government Registration Guarantee to protect our ordinations, we’ll never offer you anything we can’t stand behind completely. 




Ready to order your Minister Wallet ID Card?
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Photo shows AMM's newest photo ID card for ordained ministers, displaying the ordination number, the minister name, the AMM logo, date of ordination, and other details  This shows the back of the same minister ID card



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Photo of AMM's ordained minister enamel pins, these are white square pins with the AMM logo on them, two gold rings with three blue stars above and the lettering "amm" in blue underneath  Photo shows an AMM brand tote bag with the AMM logo on it, and five wedding planning and minister training books displayed from the top of the bag, along with a photo of a clergy ID badge on a lanyard



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