Published: Tuesday, Oct. 6th, 2020

Introducing AMM’s Government Registration Guarantee -- Ordination Credentials recognized and accepted, or your money back!

One of the first things that crosses your mind when a couple asks you to officiate their wedding is, “am I actually allowed to solemnize marriage?”


We all know that entering into a marriage arrangement is a legal process, and folks often wonder if they are really allowed to officiate, or whether the ceremony that they perform will be legally binding. 



TLDR: It is, but here’s why you should be especially confident in the value of your ordination.



An ordination from American Marriage Ministries grants you full legal standing to officiate wedding ceremonies. In fact, we’re so confident that our ordinations empower you to officiate that we’re rolling out our Government Registration Guarantee.


If your ordination isn't accepted by the county or city that processes officiant registration, then we’ll refund your purchase AND follow up with the appropriate government officials to ensure that you are recognized as an ordained minister!



Here’s how it works:


Our team of legal professionals and researchers have spent the last decade creating the most robust and widely accepted online ordination available on the internet. We stand behind our ordination 100%. We guarantee that your American Marriage Ministries Minister ordination will allow you to register as a wedding officiant with any local county clerk as an ordained minister - with the exception of certain county governments in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


In the event that any local government refuses your credentials based on the institutional standing of the organization (AMM) or the circumstances of your ordination (either online or in-person), we will fully refund your purchase.




AMM's team in Tennessee offering emergency in-person ordinations to ministers.


We'll also work with you to ensure that local government officials accept and process your ordination credentials. Our team works closely with marriage bureaus and county offices across the country to ensure that this is the case, and we are committed to ensuring that our ministers' credentials are accepted.


To learn more about how we go to bat for our ministers check out our Get Involved page. 


Updated April 2021



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