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Growing Outrage: A Minister Responds to Tennessee’s Restrictive Marriage Law

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Tags: online ordination, tennessee, freedom of religion, first amendment

Published: Friday, May. 31st, 2019

Senator Yager,

My name is Helen Vaughn and I am an ordained minister. I have performed several weddings as well as several vow renewals of friends and family members elsewhere and here in Tennessee. I have been notified by my organization that as of July 1st, the State that I reside in will be taking this right away from me on July 1st 2019! I do not understand this, and ask that you to explain how this violation of my rights has come about!

We have numerous friends and family members that are transplants and have come to Tennessee and do not want to be married by a Judge who knows nothing about them, or by a minister in a church that has no clue about them and only wants to charge them and preach to them. ...(continued)