Published: Tuesday, May. 26th, 2020

American Marriage Ministries just ordained our 700,000th minister today!

A few minutes ago, a lady from Florida clicked the “ordain me” button on our website and became American Marriage Ministries Minister 700,000!


Andrea has joined 699,999 other ministers across the country (and world) that got ordained to officiate weddings for friends, family, and others in their community. And with nationwide COVID-19 shutdowns underscoring the importance of friends and family, we’re excited that our small organization is helping ministers like Andrea become agents of love and community. 


While people across the US were celebrating Memorial Day, we had a busy weekend here in Seattle updating the website so that we could better serve our ministers. We hope that it shows, and if you poke around our website, you’ll see that we’ve updated our ceremony scripts library, our state weddings index, and much more. 


Our commitment remains: to offer the most robust ordination available online, backed up by real-world advocacy and training to ensure that people ordained by American Marriage Ministries can confidently officiate legal, memorable, and lasting marriages. When you get ordained by AMM, you gain the same legal standing as the head-pastor of a megachurch like Joel Osteen or Billy Graham, because that’s a right that’s enshrined in our constitution. 


So, make sure to check back in often because as our country reopens, our ministers will be at the forefront of the reinvention of the wedding ceremony. We expect that much will change, but as long as folks use their imagination, wedding ceremonies will only become more exciting. 


So congratulations to Andrea, and all of the other ministers that we have ordained over the last decade. You inspire us to keep improving, to keep advocating, and to keep serving and loving!


- Your friends and family at American Marriage Ministries


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