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A wedding guest attends an afterparty in Japan dressed in cosply as Mobile Suit Gundam. He has one glove off and holds a glass of wine.

4 DAYS AGO | 5.16.2024

Forget black-tie! Wedding guest wears giant robot costume to cosplayer nuptials

Wedding guest Kuroboshi wears a Mobile Suit Gundam cosplay costume to the wedding afterparty of two Japanese cosplayers, Ryuryu and Ruby.

208 DAYS AGO | 10.25.2023

NASCAR Wedding! Couple Gets Hitched in 10 Second Pit Stop Ceremony

Newlyweds Tori Lindsay and Nick Brendel were married during driver Kevin Harvick's 10-second pitstop at the South Point 400 NASCAR Cup Series playoff race in...

209 DAYS AGO | 10.24.2023

Wedding Officiant Gets Police Escort to Ceremony After Surviving a Car Crash!

This Virginia wedding officiant was driven to a wedding ceremony by local Fairfax County police after he found himself in the middle of a three-car accident....

CLose up photo of bride groom and wedding guests holding glasses of champagne for a toast after the wedding ceremony

482 DAYS AGO | 1.24.2023

Would you officiate a Valentine’s Day group wedding with hundreds of couples?

Attn wedding officiants: Group weddings are an exciting part of Valentine's Day celebrations all around the country, as hundreds of couples gather to say 'We...

546 DAYS AGO | 11.21.2022

Grocery-themed ALDI wedding gives new meaning to ‘walking down the aisle’

A Michigan couple was married in an ALDI store on Nov. 9th, after winning the grocery chain's 'Happily Ever Aldi' contest. The grocery themed wedding ceremon...

605 DAYS AGO | 9.23.2022

Stop shaming this bride and her Chicken Officiant, ok?

Let's call it the 'Chicken Officiant Controversy' : Two creative newlyweds are being criticized on social media for having their wedding ceremony performed b...

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731 DAYS AGO | 5.20.2022

Submarine weddings are coming! Would you officiate 650 feet underwater?

The Dutch company U-Boat Worx just announced plans to build a 120 person private submarine for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Would you officiate this ep...

740 DAYS AGO | 5.11.2022

Wedding ceremony on a SEPTA train! Would you perform this wedding?

A Philadelphia couple got married aboard a moving SEPTA train with the help of a resourceful wedding officiant and 50 happy guests, before celebrating with ...

840 DAYS AGO | 1.31.2022

Would You Officiate a Wedding Outdoors During a Blizzard?

This Rhode Island couple got married outside during a historic winter storm in Providence over the weekend. Would you officiate a wedding in a blizzard?

937 DAYS AGO | 10.26.2021

Black bear crashes wedding! What would you do in this situation?

What would you do if a black bear crashed a wedding you were officiating? A funny TikTok video shows us what might happen... Wedding officiants, take note! A...

1033 DAYS AGO | 7.22.2021

An alligator as a ring bearer?!? Would you perform this wedding?

A bride and groom asked Wally, an emotional support alligator, to be the ring bearer for their wedding ceremony in central Pennsylvania this week.

1040 DAYS AGO | 7.15.2021

Would you officiate a skydiving wedding? Alaska couple jumps into marriage he...

A sky-diving wedding brings day-of excitement to new heights. Watch these two newly-weds jump out of plane and take their vows in the Alaska wilderness.

1173 DAYS AGO | 3.4.2021

Would You Perform a Wedding in Space?

As news of a space hotel makes headlines, we have to ask… would you perform a wedding in space? Officiants have a new destination wedding package to daydream...

1230 DAYS AGO | 1.6.2021

Would You Officiate a Wedding in Antarctica?

Engaged couples set sail to Antarctica to wed in a once-of-a-lifetime destination wedding ceremony aboard a luxury cruise ship with Atlas Ocean Voyages, Happ...


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