Published: Tuesday, Oct. 26th, 2021

Black bear crashes wedding! What would you do in this situation?

Wedding officiants who have been at the wedding game for a while have seen some things… From disappearing brides and grooms, to sudden bad weather, ripped dresses, or lost rings.


The list of things that could go ‘a little off track’ at a wedding ceremony is long, and that’s exactly why successful wedding officiants are so skilled at quick thinking and cheerful problem-solving! 


A great officiant can turn a would-be disaster into a harmless hiccup -- nothing more than a funny story couples can tell on their anniversary. 


(Look Like an Over-Prepared Superhero: The Five Things All Wedding Officiants Should Have)




But here’s something we’d never seen before… 


A black bear walking through a wedding reception! 



This unexpected guest didn’t crash the ceremony, thank goodness, and instead waited until dinner had been served. (Typical wedding crasher, right?)



It makes us wonder… 


What would you do if a black bear suddenly sauntered up the aisle while a couple was exchanging their vows? 


How would you react if a bear started sniffing around Aunt Irma’s purse, or Uncle Larry’s pockets, looking for a snack while you delivered a romantic reading? 


We’d move that ceremony indoors faster than you can say, 'Speak now or forever hold your -- !’* 

(*Hey, this isn’t actual advice… Don’t run away from a bear. If you’re officiating a wedding outdoors in bear country and a furry friend turns up, follow this advice from BearWise.)




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