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The best Officiant Wedding Emergency Kit we’ve ever seen

Published Tuesday, Apr. 13th, 2021

Illustrations by Jessica Levey

You’re going to want to take notes.  



The verdict is in -- AMM Minister Maria Michonski packs the best Wedding Emergency Kit we’ve ever seen. 


With this level of expertise and preparation, you’d better believe we want Maria at our wedding -- and on our zombie apocalypse survival team, for that matter!


For those who don’t know, a Wedding Emergency Kit is a collection of items that experienced officiants bring to every ceremony, to prevent minor mishaps from turning into wedding day disaster stories. They save the day when a bride’s dress rips, a groom spills wine on his shirt, or a favorite aunt starts crying and needs a tissue. (You know it’s going to happen…) 


While every officiant’s kit varies a little, most will agree on some important staples: Items like scotch tape, safety pins, aspirin, and eye drops… Even matches and band-aids make the list, because wise officiants know that it’s impossible to predict every surprise scenario. 


But not all kits are created equal, and this one goes above and beyond the basics, all but guaranteeing a smooth and stress-free day! 




For inspiration building your own kit, take a look inside this minister’s amazing bag(s) of tricks. 




The secret to success:  Minister Maria separates her items into several smaller bags, which can be stored in a bin in her car. This makes it easy for her to grab specific types of items whenever a situation arises : 


1. A bag with basic tools and hardware that are useful for ceremony spaces and set up

2. A bag with larger items that might be useful for solving clothing accidents, outdoor complications, bad breath, or crying

3. A cosmetics bag with hygiene and beauty related items

4. A cosmetics bag with first-aid and pharmacy related items




Bag One: 

Tools and hardware: 
Scissors, hammer, screwdriver, allen wrench set, several kinds of pliers, multitool, assorted nails and tacks, measuring tape, extension cord, power strip, bottle opener and corkscrew, swiss army knife, clear command hooks, clear zip ties, Gorilla Glue, blue masking tape


Bag Two: 


Clothing mishaps: 

Nude nipple pasties (various skin tones), handheld garment steamer, portable sewing kit, safety pins, hair straightener (doubles a tiny iron for collars and seams), black sharpies, garment pill remover, lint roller, washcloths, tights and pantyhouse in various tones and sizes, tall black dress socks, plastic ponchos, fabric tape, a bra-strap clasp/converter, stain-remover pen

Suntan lotion, bug spray, compact umbrella, toilet paper
Bad breath, crying: 
Gum, mints, small packs of tissues 
Condoms, phone charger, snacks (nuts, fruit-based breakfast bar), disposable camera, disposable face masks (COVID precautions), cotton makeup removal rounds, tampons and pads of various sizes, small first aid kit, a set of plain stick-on nails, pens of different colors and sharpies of different tip sizes, trash bags and Ziploc bags, AA and AAA batteries, lighter and matches



illustration of a wedding officiant holding a bag filled with ceremony supplies

This kit is sort of like the Tardis -- it's amazing what you can fit inside.


Bag Three:


Deodorant for "men" and for "women", baby powder, disposable shaving razor, Q-tips, toothpaste and toothbrush, mouthwash, baby wipes


Compact lighted mirror, waterproof mascara, lotion, makeup removal wipes, makeup application sponge, nail files, nail clippers


Hair emergencies:
Ponytail holders and bobby pins for various hair colors, hairspray, comb, hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner




Bag Four: 


First aid and pharmacy:
Eye drops, contact solution, allergy relief medication, hand sanitizer, ibuprofen, Tylenol, nasal spray, cough drops, Pepto Bismol, Tums, vitamin C immune support packets, Dramamine, Dayquil, GasX, Imodium, Benadryl, extra bandaids in various sizes 




Of course, not all officiants will have the need, space, or resources for a kit this comprehensive (and magical). You might want to modify this list to suit your individual needs, only including items that you know you’ll use frequently.



Maria tells us that her most used items are a handheld garment steamer, extension cord, safety pins, scissors, mints, and ibuprofen. Keep this in mind as you pack your own kit!



AMM Minister Maria Michonski, MDiv., is a Nashville-based wedding officiant and planner, and a passionate advocate for inclusivity, the queer community, and anti-racism. From the start, her goal has been to create sacred experiences for her couples: 


“Whether I officiate your wedding or plan every single detail of the day, from preparations to ceremony to party, I cannot wait to get to know you and your story, and work with you to plan what will undoubtedly be one of the most important days of your lives together!” (Maria, via Pride of Place)



LGBTQIA+ AMM Minister Maria Michonski, MDiv., stands in a beautiful wooded area of Tennessee leaning against a wooden fence, she is wearing glasses and a colorful skirt, with a small arm tattoo and wavy brown hair and smiling.



Maria runs Pride of Place Weddings, an LGBTQIA+ centered business in Nashville, Tennessee. Pride of Place regularly donates a portion of their annual income to bail out funds and the Nashville chapter of Black Lives Matter. She was ordained by AMM in 2016, and again in 2019 (when AMM headed to TN to perform in person ordinations, and to protect online ordination and the rights of our ministers). 


Follow her wedding adventures on Instagram.



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