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Illustration of a wedding officiant performing a wedding ceremony, reading from an open book with the officiant script inside. Behind her is an illustrated design of flowers on a green background representing nature

1097 DAYS AGO | 4.22.2021

Eco-Friendly Wedding Officiants -- How to Keep Weddings Green From Behind the...

Eco-friendly weddings aren’t just for Earth Day! Wedding officiants can help keep ceremonies green every day, with these behind the scenes business and cerem...

1106 DAYS AGO | 4.13.2021

The best Officiant Wedding Emergency Kit we’ve ever seen

Wedding officiants take note: This is the best wedding emergency kit we’ve seen. Solve every mishap, mistake, accident and surprise, and prevent day-of disas...

1107 DAYS AGO | 4.12.2021

When Pagans Wed: Modern Paganism & the Wedding Ritual

Sacred circles, handfasting unity candles, and feasting -- learn what to expect at a modern Pagan or Neopagan wedding ceremony, including marriage rites of W...

Taken from above, this photo shows wedding themed cards for an engagement announcement or 'save the date' cards. There is a pink card with gold lettering that says 'always & forever,' and one with a large jeweled engagement ring.

1109 DAYS AGO | 4.10.2021

7 Ultimate Engagement Gifts To Make a Couple’s Wedding Planning a Breeze

Why not give your favorite engaged couple a gift they can really use? These 7 gifts make wedding planning fun and easy, because getting married should be joy...

1111 DAYS AGO | 4.8.2021

Pagan Wedding Altars : An Illustrated Look at a Year and a Day Altar

Magic, love, & symbolism come together on a Pagan wedding altar. Learn some of the most common items you can expect, using a Wiccan Year and a Day ritual as ...

1130 DAYS AGO | 3.20.2021

Flower Meanings and Symbolism : What Does Your Wedding Bouquet Say?

Are you fluent in the language of flowers? Learn the meaning and symbolism of common blooms, to help you plan your wedding bouquet and reception arrangements!

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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1131 DAYS AGO | 3.19.2021

12 Love Poems for Your Wedding Ceremony

Need help putting your love into words? Include these timeless love poems in your vows or as a special reading in your wedding ceremony, so your sweetheart k...

1132 DAYS AGO | 3.18.2021

“With This… Goat? I Thee Wed” : A wedding with baby pygmy goats!

AMM Minister Patricia Burgess helps a couple exchange pygmy goats instead of wedding rings to make their ceremony the perfect custom fit!

Close up photo of someone holding a carefully folded letter, sealed with wax, with a message that says 'For Lydia'. The letter is folded in an intricate way, called letterlocking, and forms a square.

1133 DAYS AGO | 3.17.2021

Give Your Love Letter Ceremony a Centuries-Old Twist with Letterlocking

Give your love letter ceremony a Renaissance twist with letterlocking! This unique unity ritual adds history, tradition, and visual beauty to the wedding cer...

1135 DAYS AGO | 3.15.2021

New ceremony script alert! A Virtual Wedding with Special Readings

Transform an ordinary online wedding into a magical collaboration with friends! This sample ceremony script is perfect for involving guests in remote, virtua...

1135 DAYS AGO | 3.15.2021

Couples can marry for free at Philly pop-up event in support of marriage equa...

Free wedding pop-up in Philly, hosted by Equal Dignity Pop-Up Nuptials in support of marriage equality for LGBTQ+ couples, will also help those whose plans h...

1138 DAYS AGO | 3.12.2021

#WeddingRules TikTok trend reveals what young couples REALLY want

The #WeddingRules TikTok trend reveals what young couples want and don’t want at their wedding ceremonies! From gifts to kids and plus ones, to unnecessary f...

1139 DAYS AGO | 3.11.2021

New Script Alert! A Simple Handfasting Ceremony

New wedding script! Give your short, simple ceremony a boost of beauty and symbolism by adding a handfasting to your elopement, microwedding, minimony, or ot...

1140 DAYS AGO | 3.10.2021

Plan a Virtual Wedding Ceremony with Special Readings

Bring family and friends together this season with a virtual wedding ceremony that feels intimate, welcoming, and magical. Creative set design & attention ...

1141 DAYS AGO | 3.9.2021

Get Married on Mars*: Plan an Out of This World Destination Wedding

Inspired by the Red Planet, vintage sci-fi, and NASA’s Perseverance rover, we offer a few suggestions to get you started planning a Mars on Earth destination...


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