Published: Monday, Mar. 15th, 2021

New ceremony script alert! A Virtual Wedding with Special Readings

Transform an ordinary online wedding into a magical collaboration with friends.


Dreaming of a wedding that’s magical and practical? One that invites your friends and family to gather in happy conversation, joyful song, dance, and celebration, no matter where they are in the world? We are, too! 



We’ve added a new sample script to our Library… 

A Virtual Wedding Ceremony with Special Readings



That’s why we’re so excited that weddings have gone virtual! 


And this new era of on-screen ceremonies continues to surprise us, shaking off old ideas and outdated assumptions with each strand of twinkle lights and livestreamed ‘I do.’ With the click of a button (and a sprinkle of internet pixie dust), we can bridge any distance in an instant, sharing our most meaningful moments with those most dear to us. 


To cultivate this sweet connectivity, this virtual wedding script includes special readings throughout. Loved ones are invited to participate at the beginning and close of the ceremony by sharing stories, words of wisdom, blessings, favorite songs, or music. 


Special readings tell your love story -- what brought you to this special day and what makes your relationship unique -- and offer a happy glimpse of the future ahead. And they give your closest friends and family the opportunity to join in on the fun, from wherever they may be, and celebrate you as you take the next exciting step together -- marriage! 


Even the classic wedding procession has been reimagined for this virtual ceremony, so that brides and grooms don’t miss the opportunity to make a grand entrance. 


Add strands of lights, paper lanterns, trailing ivy, and other flowers and greenery for an exceptional magical on-screen experience. Read Plan and Officiate a Virtual Wedding with Special Readings for detailed more inspiration! 



Need another sample script for a wedding ceremony?

Visit our Wedding Ceremony Script Library.

 We know that writing a ceremony from scratch can be a daunting process, especially if you’re officiating on short notice. To make things easier, we keep our Sample Script Library well stocked with wedding ceremony templates and sample scripts for you to choose from.


These scripts make a great starting point, with sections to add to, leave out, or reorganize, as you personalize a ceremony. 



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