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Choosing Your Officiant Early Can Offset Arguments During Wedding Planning!

Published Tuesday, Mar. 5th, 2019

Can choosing your officiant early offset arguments during wedding planning?

How much time will you spend planning your wedding?



A new study found that on average, Americans spend 528 hours planning their wedding, over the course of 11 months.


Most couples said they were excited during the wedding planning process, but admitted that they ended up having around four arguments during that time. 



What were the flashpoints?


What did couples argue about? The full list was pretty long, but the number one cause of disagreements was deciding on the venue. Other contentious subjects including catering and deciding who to add to the guest list.


(Having trouble choosing who to invite to your wedding? Consider a hybrid wedding!)



image is a photograph of a young couple talking about wedding planning in a restaurant

Do we really need to invite your podiatrist? 


Some couples managed to keep the peace. Around a quarter of the couples that were surveyed said that they didn’t have a single argument while planning their wedding. Impressive!


With all the time you’re going to spend on wedding planning, the sooner you choose your officiant, the more time you will have to dedicate to on the other elements of the ceremony.




Avoid arguments about who will officiate your wedding! 


Don’t forget, the officiant is crucial to your wedding day and is just as important as the rest of your wedding party. After all, they’re the one running the show!


Your officiant will put a great deal of effort into creating a meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime  ceremony that will set the tone for the rest of your Big Day (and forever after). So it’s crucial to not only show your sincere appreciation for their efforts, but to provide them with the best resources and tools possible!


Talk with your partner about who you'll choose to officiate -- will you hire a professional wedding officiant, or ask a close friend, mentor, or family member to lead the ceremony? (If you choose a friend or loved one to officiate, they can get ordained online easily, and learn the parts of the cermony using our wedding officiant training tools.)


This decision will help set the tone and feel of the day, so talk about it early to avoid misunderstandings and arguments! 



Updated May 24, 2021


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