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Want to see some crazy shit? Become a wedding officiant!

Published Wednesday, Jun. 9th, 2021

We got your attention with that title, didn’t we? 



It’s true: As a marriage officiant, you don’t just hear exciting stories… you help make them! ‘Crazy shit’ is a little sensationalized, but what we mean by it is that you’ll see people in their most honest, vulnerable, adventurous, and stressed moments. 


You’ll also see them in their happiest. 


In fact, few jobs give you the same close-up view of the human experience that working as a wedding minister and officiant will. Sure, bartenders, cops, nurses, and kindergarten teachers all have some crazy stories to tell (and we want all the details…). But there’s something truly unique about working as a wedding officiant. 


As an officiant, you’re helping two people and their (sometimes dysfunctional) families meld their lives together, legally, in what is often a high pressure, very public, and expensive setting. Even the most level-headed folks can get nervous on their wedding day. Add in a few unexpected guests, a dash of unpredictable weather, a dollop of heightened emotions (and an open bar), and there’s bound to be some excitement! 


Of course, we say all of this with a smile, because honestly, most of your stories as a wedding officiant will have happy endings. Even weddings that do take an unexpected detour can be wonderful experiences. After all, you’re helping people get married! You’ll meet incredible and inspiring couples, from all walks of life, and with all kinds of love stories.


Officiating is one of the most rewarding, joyful, heartfelt careers around -- and you’ll have the rewarding, joyful stories to match.


But you’ll also have a handful of stories that are hilarious, mildly disastrous, and destined to end up in your memoir! Sounds like fun, right?


Get ordained online with AMM! 

It’s free, easy, legal in every state, and only takes about a minute. 



Curious what kinds of stories you’ll help create? 

Check out these unique experiences other AMM Ministers have had! 





“I do,” in the Nude: Officiating a Naturist Wedding


What do officiants wear? It depends… Read how one officiant led a naturist wedding in a nudist community, but stayed true to her own personal wedding style. 



Image is an illustration of three people sitting naked on a bench at a wedding ceremony, with their backs to the audience, with a pendant banner that says True Love

Illustrations by Jessica Levey



“With This… Goat? I Thee Wed” : A wedding with baby pygmy goats!

AMM Minister Patricia Burgess helps a couple exchange pygmy goats instead of wedding rings to make their ceremony the perfect custom fit! 



Image is an illustration of two pygmy goats, one white and one black, with cheerful expressions during a wedding ceremony



876 feet in the air: Officiating an adventure wedding on the New River Gorge Bridge

AMM Minister Mathew Anderson performs a wedding high above the New River Gorge in an adventure wedding ceremony the couple will never forget. If you’re a new officiant and want to explore destination and adventure weddings, read on for inspiration! 



Image is a selfie taken by AMM Minister and professional wedding officiant Mathew Anderson performing an elopement ceremony on the New River Gorge Bridge, the couple and officiant smile at the camera with the bridge and river spanning the background

AMM Minister Mathew Anderson and his adventurous couple 



AMM Minister Samuel Heath has a calling: To operate on love and to officiate the hell out of weddings

AMM Minister Samuel Heath is an LGBTQ+ wedding officiant who believes love is a calling & all people have a right to marry.



Image is a screenshot of AMM Minister and professional wedding officiant Samuel Heath, taken from the interview in which he talks about love, Samuel is smiling with his head tilted slightly to the side

AMM Minister Samuel Heath




“I’m so nervous I could puke" - A wedding ceremony mishap and a quick-thinking officiant!

An officiant’s quick thinking and sense of humor saves the day when a groom’s anxiety makes him vomit during the wedding ceremony!



Image is an illustration of a man in black framed glasses looking alarmed and holding his hand up to his mouth as if he is about to vomit on his wedding day




Chiefs fans find their Cupid in game-day wedding this Super Bowl

Pastor Nancy Kerr of Kansas City drove to Tampa to marry 15 couples this Super Bowl Sunday, in a group wedding honoring the KC Chiefs & No. 15 Patrick Mahomes.



Image is a photograph of Pastor Nancy Kerr of Kansas City standing next to her pink mobile wedding officiant van as she drives to the Super Bowl to officiate weddings for Chiefs fans

Pastor Nancy Kerr and her mobile wedding van



“A Life’s Dream...” Ministers Explain Why They Got Ordained With AMM

AMM Ministers share why they got ordained online and how solemnizing weddings has changed their lives.


Image is a photograph of AMM Minister and wedding officiant Timothy (Tim) Hooker standing with his hands crossed in front of him, smiling, outside in front of a brick building with flowers planted, there are trees behind him and it's a sunny day

Reverend Timothy Hooker of Cleveland, Tennessee




Jessica Levey
Jessica Levey

Lead Staff Writer & Illustrator

Jessica loves exploring the history and magic of ritual, the connections between people and places, and sharing true stories about love and commitment. She's an advocate for marriage equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and individuality, and is an ordained Minister with AMM. When she’s not writing or illustrating for AMM, she enjoys city hikes, fantasy novels, comics, and traveling.

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