Published: Tuesday, Jun. 8th, 2021

NY lawmakers consider removing marriage license wait period for military personnel

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New York legislators will soon discuss removing the 24 hour waiting period for certain military personnel who want to get married. Senate Bill 6272 was introduced April 20, 2021, and is currently pending discussion in the Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee.


Currently, all couples hoping to marry in NY must wait 24 hours between being issued a marriage license and holding the wedding ceremony -- a time usually referred to as the ‘marriage license waiting period.’ Several states have a waiting period, and they vary from 24 hours (such as in Illinois, Delaware, South Carolina and New York) up to 8 days (in the US Virgin Islands).  


With careful planning and enough notice, these waiting times can be easy to navigate. But there are many circumstances that might cause a couple to speed up the marriage process, such as travel considerations, finances, health concerns, and good old fashioned love! 

Another common reason for spontaneous or short-notice weddings is deployment, something that many military couples are very familiar with! 


SB 6272 could make wedding planning easier for these couples, by removing the waiting period for military personnel who are scheduled to be deployed within 30 days. 


If passed, a subdivision would be added to Section 13-b of the domestic relations law (Time within which marriage may be solemnized), amending it as follows: 


 2. Notwithstanding the twenty-four hour waiting period  prescribed  in
 subdivision  one of this section, any military personnel whose scheduled
 military deployment is less than thirty days away may get married within
 twenty-four hours of receiving a marriage license.


If the measure is passed, it would become effective immediately. 



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