Published: Friday, Feb. 5th, 2021

Chiefs fans find their Cupid in game-day wedding this Super Bowl

Image via KC Weddings 2 Go

Pastor Nancy Kerr has a passion for marrying folks wherever they want, whenever they want. She also has a passion for football - especially her home team, the Kansas City Chiefs! 


That’s why this weekend, this always-on-the-go mobile wedding officiant is donning her favorite football jersey, hopping in her hot pink wedding van, and heading 1200 miles towards Tampa.


She hopes to perform vow renewals for 15 happy couples - and fellow Chiefs fans - in a group ceremony in St. Petersburg before the game starts Super Bowl Sunday. 


And if you're wondering why she’s aiming for 15 couples… well, we mentioned she’s a Kansas City Chiefs fan, right? As reported by The Kansas City Star, the 15 lucky couples are meant to honor Chief’s No. 15, quarterback Patrick Mahomes! (Who's currently got his own wedding in the works... and a baby!)



Pastor Nancy Kerr poses with KC Wolf on her way to marry couples before the Super Bowl LV

Image via KC Weddings 2 Go



This isn’t the first time Pastor Nancy has had a brush with fame on Super Bowl weekend. This ‘headstrong’ business woman (and road-tripping cupid) was featured in a Head and Shoulders game-day commercial two years ago. 




The #headstrong Super Bowl Commercial that started it all...



Pastor Nancy is ordained by American Marriage Ministries and owns KC Weddings 2 Go. She also works as a wedding photographer based out of Kansas City, Missouri. 



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