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Atheist Wedding Vows: Sample Vows for a Non-Religious Marriage Ceremony

Published Saturday, Apr. 13th, 2024

A groom reads his vows from a small vow booklet, as the bride listens, during an outdoor wedding ceremony
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Let the sample marriage vows below inspire you! 


Use these vows as they’re written, mix and match lines from your favorite examples, or follow the format to write vows with your own personal stories and promises. 


Remember: Your vows are the promises you make to your partner for your marriage, and they can be anything that's important to you.


As an atheist or interfaith couple, your marriage bond isn’t about religion, one-size-fits-all traditions, or obligation – it’s about love. It’s about you and your partner making a commitment to each other, and building the kind of life you dream of together. 


Speak from the heart and you can’t go wrong!


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Two brides lean together for a kiss during their wedding ceremony

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10 Sample Vows for an Atheist Wedding or Elopement



I Choose You, I Choose Us


"I vow to trust and respect you, to value your opinions and perspective. I vow to listen, laugh, and lounge with you – the three l’s that really matter. And I promise to be beside you through all of life’s challenges and adventures, big and small. Never standing against you, but for you, and for us. I choose you, and I choose us, for the rest of our lives."


The Wonder of Your Love


"No star in the sky outshines your eyes. Your breath rises and falls like the tides, your heart as big as an ocean. All the beauty of this world beams in your smile, and the mysteries of the cosmos sparkle and swirl in your bright mind. I vow to be worthy of the wonder of your love. I vow to honor you with kindness and passion, to encourage and comfort you on your path. I vow to choose you each morning and return to your arms each night, to be your lover and friend – forever."


Love in Action


"I vow to treat you with respect and kindness and to show my love in actions, not just words. To hold you close, to make late night runs to the store for chocolate and wine, to spend time in the kitchen with you, to brainstorm and budget with you, and to always find time for us to laugh and play together."


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The Highest Power 


"I vow to live this life loving you, to find beauty and joy in the small things, and to work together to build the life and home we dream about. I promise to trust you and to be honest with you. I’m my best self when I’m beside you. I vow to always be worthy of your company and love, to be kind and gentle with your heart, and to honor love as the highest power of all."


Strong and Loving



"Do you, [Partner A], take [Partner B] to be your spouse and to live together as partners, to treat them with love and respect, and to build a marriage that grows stronger and more loving as time passes?" 


(Partner A says "Yes, I do.")




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Playful and Fun


"I promise to share the covers, leave the toilet seat down, and not throw my dirty socks everywhere. Most of all, I vow to never stop playing with you – to love you as my best friend, lover, and partner in life." 


See the full wedding ceremony script, written by Officiant Sherri Crawford: Lighthearted Wedding Ceremony Script with Funny Reading on Marriage


Marriage of Equals


"I, [Partner A], take you, [Partner B], to share our love in marriage.
I remain my own person, and give myself to you of my own free will.
I promise to always see you as whole,
while knowing that together, we have a collective strength.
I promise to give you room to breathe, 
and to encourage your dreams,
allowing you to grow, and appreciating you just as you are.
I freely give you my trust, 
And vow to be worthy of your trust in return.
This is a marriage of equals, and with this ring, I thee wed."


See the full wedding ceremony script, written by Officiant Karen E. Reynolds: Marriage of Equals Wedding Ceremony Script for Non-traditional Couples


Here in the Real World


"I vow to be the (husband/wife/spouse) you can turn to on a bad day, to comfort you and make you laugh. I vow to put in the work and communicate with you, and to resolve conflicts with compassion and kindness. I vow to be present, every day, because our marriage is here in the real world and the life we build together. I vow that I won’t take you for granted – I know you choose me and I choose you, and that’s the only kind of blessing I need. I vow to love you as an action, to keep learning about you as we grow and change. And I vow to love you just as you are, my best friend and my brilliant and beautiful (husband/wife/spouse)." 


Not Obey – Because That’s a Little Creepy


"I promise to not tell you how to drive, to cherish you, but not obey - because that’s a little creepy. Most of all, I vow to never stop playing with you – to love you as my best friend, lover, and partner in life."

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Vows with a Ring Exchange


"Do you, (Partner B), take (Partner A) to be your lawfully wedded spouse? To honor and to cherish them from this day forward, sharing your life through good times and bad, offering kindness, patience, and comfort each day, for as long as love shall last?" 


(Partner B says, "I do")


"(Partner B), please place the ring on (Partner A's) hand and repeat these words of love:


I give you this ring to wear with love and joy.
As a ring has no end,
Neither shall my love for you.
I choose you to be my spouse
This day and forever more."


(Repeat for Partner A / Partners exchange rings)


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Jessica Levey

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Jessica loves exploring the history and magic of ritual, the connections between people and places, and sharing true stories about love and commitment. She's an advocate for marriage equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and individuality, and is an ordained Minister with AMM. When she’s not writing or illustrating for AMM, she enjoys city hikes, fantasy novels, comics, and traveling.

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