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Submarine weddings are coming! Would you officiate 650 feet underwater?

Published Friday, May. 20th, 2022

Cover image: UWEP drawing, via U-Boat Worx

Love, under the sea… very far under. 



We’ve written about underwater wedding ceremonies, in which daring ocean lovers take their vows below the waves, dressed in their best snorkels and fins. These salty ceremonies make a real splash, whether they’re held in a tropical diving location or an award-winning Vegas aquarium. 


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But submarine weddings are about to take underwater nuptials to a whole new level –  up to 650 feet below the ocean’s surface! 


A company called U-Boat Worx just announced plans to build 120 guest personal submarines, specially made to host underwater parties and wedding ceremonies. 



These deep-diving venues will require a seaworthy crew…


…including a wedding officiant! 

A side view infographic of the U-Boat Worx private submarine wedding venue, via the company's website

Image via U-Boat Worx


Called the ‘UWEP,’ short for ‘Under Water Entertainment Platform,’ this first-of-its-kind venue will be able to travel up to 650 feet (200 meters) below the surface and remain submerged for up to 18 hours of aquatic adventure, with an unlimited number of dives possible each day. Once it’s back at the surface, guests will be able to enjoy the view from a 914 square foot sundeck. (via



Drawing of a the UWEP floating at the surface of the water, with a cityscape and shoreline in the background, rendering via the U-Boat Worx website

Image via U-Boat Worx


U-Boat Worx is based in the Netherlands and is no stranger to the private sub game – although their largest personal submarine so far, a sleek machine called the Cruise Sub, only holds up to 11 people. Another popular model, the Nexus, was reviewed by Gizmodo back in April and holds up to 9 people. 


Now, both of these multimillion dollar options give us undeniable Spy-Who-Loved-Me vibes (and would make for an epic James Bond themed elopement). But the 120 person capacity of the new UWEP really brings the dream of an Atlantis underwater lair alive. Or if superheroes are more your thing, just imagine Stingray, Namor, or Aquaman crashing your reception!



Interior image of the UWEP via the U-Boat website

Image via U-Boat Worx


The company’s website promises a spacious experience, with over 1,600 square feet of “configurable venue space that can be tailored to the operator’s requirements… A Michelin-star underwater restaurant, one-of-a-kind casino, unique conference location, world’s most exclusive wedding venue; the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.”


Of course you’ll need an unimaginable amount of money to get started…


The UWEP underwater in the ocean, drawing rendering via U-Boat Worx website

Image via U-Boat Worx


Would you officiate a wedding on a submarine? 
How about dressed in scuba diving gear?

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