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67 DAYS AGO | 3.23.2023

The Average Age of Marriage in the U.S. Just Went Down for the First Time in ...

Is the average age of marriage in the U.S. going up or down? Learn about recent trends that affect how old most men and women are when they get married, and ...

248 DAYS AGO | 9.23.2022

Stop shaming this bride and her Chicken Officiant, ok?

Let's call it the 'Chicken Officiant Controversy' : Two creative newlyweds are being criticized on social media for having their wedding ceremony performed b...

252 DAYS AGO | 9.19.2022

Is it Legal to Get Married on Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are having a moment in the wedding world! Like weed weddings did before them, psychedelic & psilocybin-infused marriage ceremonies are gainin...

371 DAYS AGO | 5.23.2022

How to Get Married Without a Wedding Ceremony

Learn how to get married without a wedding ceremony, including the legal requirements in your state regarding the marriage license, and choosing an authorize...

374 DAYS AGO | 5.20.2022

Submarine weddings are coming! Would you officiate 650 feet underwater?

The Dutch company U-Boat Worx just announced plans to build a 120 person private submarine for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Would you officiate this ep...

375 DAYS AGO | 5.19.2022

Daredevil bride and groom light themselves on fire at wedding ceremony

Professional stunt performers Ambyr Bambyr and Gabe Jessop lit themselves on fire during an unforgettable wedding recession. Read about the couple’s fiery we...

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439 DAYS AGO | 3.16.2022

Is a cardboard cutout of yourself the perfect wedding gift? It just might be!

Looking for the perfect wedding gift, or a way to show friends and family that you support the marriage even when you can’t attend their ceremony? Why not se...

445 DAYS AGO | 3.10.2022

Ghost Marriages – When ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Isn’t Enough

3 modern examples of ghost marriage and the haunting history of marrying the dead, including posthumous marriage in China, France, and the Mormon Church her...

609 DAYS AGO | 9.27.2021

50 Couples Get Married in a Mass Wedding Ceremony in Chicago

50 couples participated in a festive mass wedding ceremony this weekend, called "Marriages on the Mile," to celebrate the Wrigley Building's 100th anniversar...

637 DAYS AGO | 8.30.2021

Mass Weddings Might Be the Biggest Trend in 2022

Mass weddings, sometimes called group weddings and elopements, are trending in 2021 and 2022. Learn why couples love them and how to build your own ceremony ...

706 DAYS AGO | 6.22.2021

How to Plan a Cannabis-Friendly Wedding

Learn about planning a cannabis-friendly wedding, and ways to include marijuana or weed in your ceremony, reception, or celebration.

727 DAYS AGO | 6.1.2021

Country singer Jimmie Allen & Alexis Gale keep things small-but-stylish with ...

Country music star Jimmie Allen wed Alexis Gale in a romantic micro-wedding in Bucks County, Pennsylvania last week. The intimate mid-week ceremony is part o...

808 DAYS AGO | 3.12.2021

#WeddingRules TikTok trend reveals what young couples REALLY want

The #WeddingRules TikTok trend reveals what young couples want and don’t want at their wedding ceremonies! From gifts to kids and plus ones, to unnecessary f...

839 DAYS AGO | 2.9.2021

Signature cocktails, fashion shows & electric violins -- the Atlanta Wedding ...

The Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza showed us how hot virtual wedding planning expos and bridal shows can be. And now we can’t wait for more!

840 DAYS AGO | 2.8.2021

6 Wedding Trends We Love For 2021

Smaller, greener, more colorful, and more charitable: 6 trends for 2021 that show the wedding industry is changing not just for good, but for the better!


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